• Classroom Expectations: 

         1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself
         2. Raise your hand to speak
         3. Be respectful and responsible
         4. Do your best!
    Students will be working towards a "Game Day" by filling up their class chart with stickers.
    For individual behavior issues, the following steps will be taken:
         Step 1 - Students will discuss with the teacher the reason(s) for his/her disruptive behavior.
         Step 2 - Students will be moved to a different seat and take time to "cool down" and/or reflect on consequences for continued disruptive behavior.
         Step 3 - Students will lose privileges such as playing instruments or participation in other activities.
    *Students will be sent to the office with a Disciplinary Referral Form for continual, persistent disruption or for conduct that is harmful to him/herself and others.
Last Modified on July 23, 2019