• Please see the syllabus handout for  guidelines.  If a student is disruptive to the point of distracting from the learning environment, a parent or guardian will be contacted.  If the issue is not resolved or becomes repetitive, the student will be placed on a class behavior contract; this contract lists the behaviors in question as well as suggestions for modifying the inappropriate behavior, and it provides a series of possible consequences.
    •  Phones may not be taken out during class time and should remain in backpacks
    • In an effort to keep the campus clean (and according to school policy), gum and food will be prohibited in the classrooms.  Students are welcome to bring water bottles to class, but please do not bring any colored beverages that could potentially stain the carpet.
    • A student will be considered tardy if not physically in the classroom when the bell rings; students will be given an additional 60 seconds to collect their required materials, deposit their backpacks in the back of the room, and be seated.
    • In order to be successful, students must bring the required materials each day; while I have classroom "loaner" items for most required materials, students are responsible for having their spiral notebooks each day.
Last Modified on July 18, 2018