• Miss Dooley’s Classroom Behavior Plan

    This behavior plan allows students to move up and down as the day progresses. If a child is having a bad morning, he or she may begin making better choices and move up throughout the day. The following is an explanation of each color and what they mean:

    Purple is Outstanding- Super Student! Student made outstanding choices in school today that exceeded behavior expectations!

    Blue is Great Job-Excellent Effort! Student made good choices in school today and met behavior expectations!

    Green is Ready to Learn- All students start each day on green. Clips are moved up and down the chart during the day according to choices made in school. Students on green have met behavior expectations. Green is where I expect them to be. J  

    Yellow is Warning- Student is asked to slow down. The teacher will explain to the student why clip is being moved and remind them of class rules and expectations. (Behavior expectations not met and/or behavior needs to improve.)

    Orange is Consequence- Student is asked to stop and take a few minutes to reflect on their behavior or choices made and how they affect others. Consequences are different depending on the student and the offense. A brief note will be sent home with an explanation for parent awareness. (Behavior expectations not met and/or behavior needs to improve.)

    Red- Please note that all efforts have been made to improve behavior of the student. Behavior may require an office visit with administration. This is the last resort to correct the inappropriate behavior. Parents will be contacted by phone. (Behavior expectations not met and/or behavior needs to improve.)

    Please look for student behavior chart in SHARK binder and sign every night.

    Thank you!