• Dear Parents,

    Below are directions you can use to purchase your students' PE uniform through InTouch Receipting. InTouch can be accessed within ParentVue. InTouch will be used to pay for class fees, fines (past dues), athletic participation, parking, yearbooks, PSAT, AP exams, etc.

    InTouch Directions:

    1. Go to www.husd.org and select Parents Tab, then select ParentVue.
    2. Select "I am a parent". Type in your username and password for ParentVue.
    3. Select the "Fees and Meals".
    4. Click the link for InTouch Receipting "Tax Credit and Student Fees".
    5. For 1st time users, you MUST select "Click here to set your password". It can be the same as ParentVue or you can have a different one. It will NOT change your ParentVue password. The username is the same as your ParentVue username. InTouch will send you an email to create your account password after completing this step.
    6. Log into InTouch using your ParentVue username and your newly created password.
    7. Your family will then show up and you can select the items to pay for or add additional by going to "Items" and selecting your child's school. Under "Items" you will find parking, club accounts, AP/PSAT exams, and tax credit. Any sports participation will be added to the students' account. They do NOT need to go searching for it in the "Items" tab.

    HUSD InTouch