• Report a Tip

    Prevention is the first step in providing learning opportunities where all students thrive. The various programs and practices on each of our campuses are there to provide our students and employees with a positive climate and culture. When concerns arise, teachers, staff, and administrators are there to listen and take the necessary actions to continue to support a positive learning environment. The HUSD Safe Hotline phone number and email is another way that concerns may be reported. HUSD uses Threat Assessment Teams to review many situations to not only determine if there is a threat, but design plans to take the appropriate actions to address the needs. 
    Report bullying, threats, drugs, weapons, or anything unsafe by completing the anonymous form below, calling 480.279.7233 or by emailing safe.hotline@husd.org. Everyone is responsible for safe and secure schools at HUSD.
    Please dial 911 for an emergency or if an immediate response is needed. 
    The Safe Hotline is also available for employees to report concerns. If you wish to report harassment or discrimination, theft or fraud, code of conduct or compliance violations or any other policy violations, please call, email, or complete the anonymous form below.