• Cheer season: Cheer season at SMS runs from (Q1-Q3) August- end of Feb/beginning of March (tentative based on comp dates). The cheer season consists of basketball season, parts of football season, and Competition season 


    1. Tryouts will be held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning in the gym from 7:00am - 8:30am (8/9 - 8/11)
    2. Please wear all black athletic clothes with no logos, hair pulled back, and athletic shoes.
    3. Tryouts will be closed to spectators.
    4. Register my Athlete must be complete to participate.

    Typically will be Wednesday and Thursday athletes will be learning tryout material and practicing. Friday athletes will perform for the judges/coaches in the final tryout where they will be scored. 

    Athletes will be required to wear a black shirt/tank and black shorts with hair in a slicked back high pony for the final tryout on Friday. All other days please be in athletic clothes with your hair up. No shirts that show any outside cheer gyms/teams will be permitted. No jewelry. Come ready to learn and have fun!😀

    *athletes will be required to create their own sideline cheer/chant and perform it for the judges individually during their final tryout on Friday the 29th. 

    Tryouts will consist of

    1. Demonstrating your ability to execute jumps (toe touch, hurdler, pike) 
    2. Performing a sideline cheer they will be taught as a group 
    3. Performing a sideline cheer they will individually create
    4. Demonstrating any tumbling athletes have without a spot (back handspring or higher) *Athletes may demonstrate their round off to show technique

    *judges/coaches will be looking for proper technique ie. pointed toes, sharp motions, confidence/facials, creativity, and a willingness to learn. All levels of experience are encouraged to tryout! 

    Practices: Mon, Wed, Fri 7am-8:30am gym (start aug 1st for those who make the team)

    Games: mostly Tuesday/Thursday after school with the occasional Monday (playoffs could be different) 

    Choreography: to be determined. Mandatory. 

    Payments: $250 to library tax credit for athletic fees, comps, and choreo/music.

    $150 to ptso for shirt, bow, liner, + other items dependent on price. $400 total. 

    All athletes on the SMS cheer team will be expected to cheer at football games, boys basketball games, and participate in all competitions. Attendance at all practices are crucial due to the group nature of the sport. If an athlete has to miss a practice for any reason they will be required to let a coach know at least 24 hours in advance. 

    Grade checks will be ran weekly throughout the season. Any athletes receiving an ‘F’ in any class will be ineligible to cheer at that weeks game. Any athlete reviving a ‘D’ in any class will be ineligible to cheer at half of that weeks game. 

    Any athlete that is ineligible receiving a ‘F’ in any class/es for more than 5 weeks in a row will be dismissed from the team. 

    *closer to competition season additional practices/performances may be added