• Overview

    Parents can now report attendance through ParentVUE, this can be done by logging onto your ParentVUE account on the mobile phone app or by logging onto your ParentVUE account on a computer (https://parentvue.husd.org/).

    *The screenshots below are from the desktop application, but are very similar and contain the same options as on the mobile app.

    Reporting Attendance through ParentVUE

    1. When you log onto ParentVUE, you will see the Report Absence button next to the student’s name. If you have multiple students, there will be a box next to each student.

    2. When you click on the Report Absence button, it will open the Report Absences window.

    3. To report the absence, complete the following in the Report Absences screen:

    • Start Date: Select the date of the absence.
    • End Date: If the absence spans multiple days, you have the option of entering an end date.
    • Reason: Select the reason for the absence from the drop-down.
    • Note: You can enter any important information here that you would like the Attendance Specialist to know, but it is not required.
    • If you have a doctor’s note or a document you would like the Attendance Specialist to receive, you can attach it by clicking on the blue button (or the blue link in the app) that says Add doctor’s note or document.
    • After you have entered all the necessary information, click SAVE

    4. Once the Reported Absence is saved, you will be informed to contact the school to modify requested absences.


    Notes on Attendance

    • The Arizona Department of Education defines an excused absence as:

    • Vacation 
    • Bereavement 
    • Medical appointment 
    • Family Emergency 
    • Illness 
    • Religious Holiday 

    • Attendance can only be entered for the current day and up to 30 days in the future.

    • Attendance can only be reported within 24 hours of the absence per Higley Unified School District’s Attendance Policy, any attendance submitted after that 24-hour period will be unexcused.

    • Only a legal Parent/Guardian can report attendance, if attendance is reported by a non-Parent/Guardian, it will be unexcused.

    • Attendance can also be reported by calling your schools Attendance Hotline, see your school’s webpage for more information