• Discipline

    We understand that issues can arise in the course of arriving to school and may preclude a student from arriving on time each day however, chronic tardies will result in progressive discipline after the third tardy in each class period. Teachers will work with each individual student with the first 3 tardies in their respective class periods

    Detention will be assigned by Administration for every four (4) tardies in each class period

    The fifth tardy will result in two (2) days of after school detention

    The sixth tardy will result in a Saturday School Assignment. Saturday School assignments take precedence over sport practices, club meetings, work, etc.
    The seventh tardy will result in a at least one (1) day of In School Suspension up to five (5) days of In School Suspension including the possibility of receiving no credit in the class

    Detention is every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:25 to 3:25 pm., Parents will be notified that detention has been assigned by a phone call or email