• First Hour Check-in

    The campus perimeter gates will be locked when the bell rings at the start of each school day

    Students arriving after gates lock will enter through the front office

    Students arriving less than 10 minutes late will proceed to class

    Students arriving more than 10 minutes late will sign in and report to the Sweep Room (149) for the remainder of first hour

    Students that are walked in by a parent more than 10 minutes late will receive a pass to class but will still be marked unexcused unless a doctor note is provided

    Students assigned to sweep 1st hour may work on assignments from their classes, however; the use of a cell phone is prohibited

    Please be aware that current policy does not allow outside food or beverage to be on campus. Any student arriving to school with said items will be asked to dispose of them before entering the building. This does not include prepared lunches from home