• Science Adoption Timeline



    Procurement Activity  Timeline Curriculum-Specific RFP   Additional Notes
    Legal Notice October 21, 2021 RFP #23-01-28 available to all vendors at www.azpurchasing.org  
    Request for Proposals issued October 21, 2021
    Questions due December 14, 2021 Q&A via Bonfire - deadline  
    Proposals Due - Received Electronically in Bonfire and Physical materials received at District Office January 5, 2022 Deadline for submission of basic student textbook and ancillary material information  
    Samples of basic student textbook and ancillary material must be received by District and campus adoption committee members  
    Phase I/Steering Committee Review of Submitted Materials       January 6-7, 10, 2022 Steering Committee evaluates submitted materials using the Phase I scoring criteria Materials evaluated based on the criteria of the RFP including the Scope of Work using the Phase I Rubric/ Qualifying materials moved to Phase II
    Phase II Initial Review and Scoring via Canvas Online Course and Phase II Rubric                   January 18 - February 11, 2022  Educator Evaluation Committee reviews and evaluates materials submitted for adoption through Canvas and the Phase II Rubric/ Includes the opportunity for the Educator Evaluation Committee to review printed materials at the District Office                               Educator feedback received = 4 weeks (2/11);  Office hours available with District Level Instructional Coach to clarify procurement process related to materials received and process outlined
    Evaluation of the Submitted Rankings February 14-17, 2022 The Steering Committee will evaluate the rankings submitted by the Educator/Admin Adoption Selection Committee The top two vendors identified and notified to prepare presentations  
    Public Display of Selected Vendors February 18, 2022 Public notification of finalists & display of material available at the District Office Public Display of recommended textbook (60 days) per Governing Board Policy IJJ
    Phase III Presentations from the Top Two Vendors March 1, 2022 Educator Evaluation Committee attends in-person meeting for the top two vendors to present their materials  
    Window for Educator Evaluation Committee to evaluate resources with the Phase III Rubric March 1-11, 2022 Educator Evaluation Committee evaluates top two vendors and submits their recommendation for adoption via Canvas  
    Final Recommendation Identified by the Steering Committee March 28-29, 2022 Submit Information Item for Governing Board Meeting on April 20, 2022  
    First Read/Information Item for Governing Board April 20, 2022 Information Item for Governing Board/Share recommendations of Committee  
    Second Read/Consent Agenda Item May 11, 2022 Board Agenda Item for Board Approval of recommendations for textbook adoption  
    Process purchase orders  Beginning May 12, 2022 Process purchase orders for delivery by June 30, 2022.