Yearbook Frequently Asked Questions

  • Below here are Frequently Asked Questions about WFHS yearbook. This is compiled from questions that have been asked over the years by parents. If you are reading this, you more than like have asked questions found below. If your question is not answere, please email


    I want to order my student a yearbook. How do I? 

    Please go to

    I received an email stating I didn't buy one but I have a receipt. What gives?

    At the beginning of the year, I input the student directory information into the system. It's convenient for you so you can just search your child's name and buy the book. Sometimes arents will manually put in their child's information so it duplicates the entry. One entry has no book sold. The other entry has one listed. If you're unsure, please make sure your student brings their receipt to pick up their book.

    Yearbooks are sold out. Can you just order some more? 

    I cannot buy more books than are printed. This is not a print on demand. We sell books from July 1 until we are sold out. We send multiple emails from school & from the publisher to remind families. I'm sorry, you did not preorder. There aren't any more.

    What if I pay extra? Can I get just one more book, even if they're sold out?

    To run a reprint of the yearbook, the book is $400 each for a minimum of 20 books & if there were a second run every single book would need to be prepaid in full.

    I never picked a senior pose for my student. Can I now?

    If you are asking, prior to Nov 1st then probably. Please call (480) 830-5667 to ask the photography studio. If you are asking later in the year, sorry. The master list of all the senior photos were posted on campus in November and students were asked to review them. Those pages have printed since before winter break.

    I didn't order prints for my student, may I do that still?

    Yep. Call (480) 830-5667 to order.

    There is an error in the book. This could be misidentified photo, misspelling, or inaccurate information. I just noticed it in the yearbook. What can I do about it?

    I'm sorry. This is a student run publication. Less than 15 high schoolers build the entire 210+ page book. There will be errors. I suggest your student sign up for yearbook next year and come help us make the book even better!

    How much is the book? 

    The price changes through the year. There is an orietnation pricing early in the year. It's $78 during Black Hawk Days. Then it goes to $83 until spring break. After that, it is $85 until they are sold out. We almost always sell out.

    Why are these books so expensive? When I was in high school it was XXXX cheaper.

    I hear you there! I don't disagree, but print a high quality book costs money. We are a full color book (black and white is cheaper and maybe what you remember). We do not make a profit on this book. We pretty much break even each year from our starting price.

    If your question is not here, please let me know. This is a living document.