• Computers

    Welcome to Computer Foundations I

    This course is designed to introduce these concepts:
    Computer Foundations I - focuses on technology as a tool to enhance the educational experience. MS Office, Digital Literacy, Touch Typing, Computer Maintenance, basic coding HTML/Python is explored. Students study a diverse range of computer applications/programs as they apply to educational, professional, and personal use. We have a wonderful time in class!

    Computer Foundations II

    This hands-on, project-based course is a continuation of the topics introduced in the Computer Foundations I class. Computer Foundations II guides participants through a variety of engaging, collaborative learning projects that integrate collaboration, communication, and technology skills. Course topics include audio/video production, programming, drone technology, graphics arts, spreadsheet, word processing, desktop publishing, telecommunication, and basic engineering skills. We learn to think as software engineers!

    Business and Marketing

    This course is all about leadership. Learning to lead one’s self, lead small groups, and lead multiple groups. This course reviews basic computer application skills, individual finance, federal taxes, and personal selling, encourages advanced computer keyboarding skills, introduces business/marketing/leadership concepts, and encourages practical leadership through community service projects.