• Here you will find websites that we use in the classroom. These can also be accessed at home. 


    Moby Max - Covers a wide variety of subjects. Mainly used for math fluency and reading comprehension.

    (Username: lunch# / Password: lunch#)


    Education.com - Also helps strengthen skills for multiple subjects; math, reading, grammar, and typing. 

    (Class code: 4B6HSA)


    Readworks - For reading comprehension and fluency.

    (Class code: VMBTA5 / Password: lunch#)


    Typing.com - To strengthen typing skills.


    Wakelet - To help your animal research.


    Microsoft 365 - Where you can access multiple Microsoft applications. 

    (Username: firstname.lastname@students.husd.org   Password: S.00lunch#)


    Galileo Testing - This is the link that will take you to our Galileo Testing. 

    (Username: firstname.lastname@students.husd.org / Password: S.00lunch#)