• Ms. O'Connor’s 3rd Grade Class  

    Classroom Information



    It is very important that your child is in school each day to avoid missing crucial material.  If an absence is unavoidable, please be sure to call the attendance line at 480.279.7812 as soon as possible.  I will send home all work to be made up when your child returns. 

    Morning Arrival

    The gates will open at 7:45. Students will report directly to my classroom 357. Located in the 300 building.  


    The agenda is used daily by your child to let you know what we are studying for the day.  This notebook is also used as a daily update to describe your child’s behavior and work habits.  It goes home with students every day, and it needs to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned each morning.  Please use it to communicate with me.


    Weekly newsletters, telephone calls, notes back and forth in the agenda, and email are all forms of communication to keep you updated on what is happening at school with your child. Email is my main tool for communication.  Also, please feel free to call my classroom voicemail and leave me a message.  I will always return messages as promptly as possible.  I am also happy to set appointments with you as necessary.  My email address is:  taylor.o’connor@husd.org.  

    Home Folder

    This folder is for parents and the teacher to communicate as well and for students to take papers, homework, important notices and other notes to and from school.  This folder should be checked every day, and it should always come back to school with your child.  It is a great way for children to become organized and responsible.


    Homework will usually consist of reading for 15 minutes, spelling practice, and math facts. Occasionally, I will send home additional assignments.  There will also be several book reports throughout the year.

    Homework is the student's responsibilty; to practice their spelling words at home and work on the fluency of their math facts. You may aid in their studying but ultimately it will be up to the student to secure they grade that they want to achieve. 

    Player of the Week

    The Player of the Week is the special person focused on each week.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the class and the teacher to get to know each other better.  The Player of the Week is able to make a poster and share pictures, interests and hobbies with the class.  You will be notified the Friday prior to when your child will be the special student.  Every student will have an opportunity throughout the school year.

    Lunch Procedures 

    Meal prices are $2.55 for children.  Please identify all payments with your child’s name and student id number.  They offer healthy choices!  Students may also bring lunch from home.  Please label all lunch boxes, lunch bags, water bottles, etc. Students will be eating lunch first, followed by recess. Students who buy lunch will be given a lunch card to use in the cafeteria.

    Recess and Snack

    Third grade will be having a 15 minutes recess from 1:45 - 2:00. This time may change due to scheduling conflicts that may arise.  If the weather is too hot, we will have recess earlier in the day.  Please label waterbottle with your child’s name.

    Please feel free to send a healthy snack for your child to eat during this time.  We are a nut free classroom.  Please do not send any type of snack that contains nuts.  Do not send candy, chips or other sugary foods. 

    Tiger Pride Time

    Every other Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., students can earn Tiger Pride Time by completing all their work during the weeks. Students will have a choice of which activity they would like to do independantly at their seat. Students who do not complete all their work will be working on unfinished work.



    Monday – Library, Tuesday – Art, Wednesday – Music, Thursday - PE*, Friday – Computers


    * For PE, please remember to wear proper shoes (tennis shoes with laces or tennis shoes with Velcro and socks).  Please do not wear hiking shoes, sandals, boots or anything where their feet are showing.  Also, please do not wear shoes with heals or wheels.  These rules are in place for safety reasons.  Girls need to wear shorts under dresses if they wear a dress on the day we have PE.  Jewelry is best left in the classroom/backpack or at home when it is PE day.