• 7/21/2020

    Dear Higley Unified School District Community,

    When the Governing Board honored Dr. Thomason’s request to retire this school year at the July 15, 2020, Board meeting, Dr. Thomason and the Board understood and agreed that no time could be wasted in developing a responsible and robust transition plan for the District.

    Because Dr. Thomason will be utilizing earned but unused leave time pending his retirement in the spring, we recognized the critical importance of creating a transition plan that identified an individual who would work hand in hand with Dr. Thomason and others to facilitate a seamless transition and one that keeps the District moving forward. Over the past weeks, there have been a lot of conversations and collaboration about the best way to move the District forward.

    Given the timing of Dr. Thomason’s retirement, COVID related challenges, and the realities of what needs to be accomplished in the coming months, Dr. Thomason and the Governing Board identified current Associate Superintendent Dr. Dawn Foley as the logical and best qualified person to support our District’s needs. She is uniquely qualified to ensure that all Superintendent roles and responsibilities are covered and consistent during any periods of absence by Dr. Thomason until his official retirement date, and to become the District’s new Superintendent starting on July 1, 2021.

    As many already know, Dr. Foley is a highly respected educational professional within our District and throughout the state. She has been an educator for 23 years. She has demonstrated her love of and commitment to the District and her competency and effectiveness in her past and current roles. Dr. Foley has shown that she highly values collaboration and has an exemplary work ethic. She is an inclusive leader who is deeply committed to supporting our students, employees and families.

    The Governing Board has the utmost confidence that Dr. Foley is the educational leader we need to provide organizational stability, facilitate an effective and efficient transition over the next year, and to move the District in the best possible direction with our strategic plan, goals, and initiatives in the years thereafter. We sincerely thank her for her willingness to serve.

    In these challenging times, the Governing Board is grateful for Dr. Thomason’s continued support of our staff, students and community and for the positive support we anticipate Dr. Foley will receive.

    With appreciation,
    Governing Board
    Higley Unified School District