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    Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to Higley High School’s R.I.S.E Lab.  I am excited to be a part of your student’s journey toward graduation! This document will cover most questions so please read to ensure an excellent academic year. This information will be placed into the students file so the student/teacher/administrator can review it at any time. Keep in mind this syllabus is designed to familiarize you with the outline of the program with expectations from the teacher and Higley High School.


    What is the R.I.S.E. Lab and HOW DID I GET SIGNED UP FOR THE R.I.S.E. LAB? R.I.S.E stands for Reaching Individual Student Engagement. It is a credit recovery program designed to assist you in getting back on track towards graduation. Each counselor evaluates student progress towards graduation.  If you are off track for graduation, you are referred to the counselor in charge of intervention.  The intervention counselor evaluated each student’s transcript and based on your deficiencies has decided what classes are to be taken in the R.I.S.E. Lab.  Each student will have a separate intervention plan, for each individual student, depending on the student’s credit situation. A student’s administrator also evaluates students who are placed in the R.I.S.E. Lab and determines if alternative placement is necessary. A counselor and/or administrator must approve the classes you are asked to complete in the R.I.S.E. Lab.

    ATTENDANCE: It is essential that you come to class each day and that you are on time. Students must be in their seats when the tardy bell rings. That bell is the indicator that you are in class, getting your things out, and start working. The teacher will follow school and district policy regarding attendance and tardies. Repeated tardies will result in assignment to Saturday school. For every class period missed it is expected that at least 1 hour of time is made up outside of the school day.


    DEADLINES: All classes and finals are to be completed by the last day of the course.  They are reflected in your class calendar in your individual FLVS Course. You will be on a nine-week timeline (approximately 45 hours) that starts when you begin your class. All course work will need to be completed by your deadline or you will receive an “F” grade on your transcript. You will be able to review this information with your instructor once you begin your class. No extensions will be given without administrative and/or staff approval.


    CLASS RULES: The students are asked to follow all school rules and take care of the computer lab. Food, drinks, and cell phones will not be allowed in the RISE Lab. Cell phones may be confiscated and turned into administration if students fail to comply with this request. Consequences will be followed as directed by school policy. Refer to the students Code of Conduct if you have any specific questions regarding appropriate student behavior.


    SUPPLIES:  Coming to class prepared is essential. All classes will require you bring Pen/Pencil, headphones, and Spiral Notebook every day. Students are expected to take notes in their notebooks daily.

    GRADING: The student’s grade in their R.I.S.E. are prescribed based on student performance and knowledge. Students will complete prescribed content based the course standard they have mastered.

    HOME ACCESS:  Students have complete access to work from outside of school on any of the course modules and activities except for tests and final exams. It is strongly encouraged to work from home to ensure courses are complete by the deadline. Students are also advised to make sure tests are completed before leaving for the weekend in order to be able to navigate course materials over weekends.

    Grades from the R.I.S.E. Lab go directly onto the students’ transcripts. They DO NOT appear on Higley High School progress reports or report cards and are not reflected in synergy. Parents do have the opportunity to receive daily progress reports that will be sent directly to your email.  Progress reports should be received every evening.  If they are not received, contact the class instructor via email and request one is sent to you. If you are in periods 1-6, your grades will be checked and discussed with your teacher every week. Students must complete all lessons to receive credit for their class. An exit conference, final exam, and all paperwork must be completed once finished with a class to receive credit on the students’ transcripts.

    R.I.S.E. Lab Classroom Instructions

    After turning on the computer, you will use the Username that was issued to you to log in. If your user name and password do not work, see your instructor immediately.

    Next you will double click the internet explorer button on the lower left side of your screen. Then you will navigate to the internet and enter the following web address: https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/tMyZCXDAOOfXK5lQuVdpQF?domain=apexvs.com/.

    Your APEX:

    * Your USERNAME is your firstnamelastname (no spaces).


    * Your PASSWORD is auto-generated and will be communicate to you by your instructor

    1. Study Section: The study section is like a chapter in a book you would have in your class. It varies in the length for each section. Take notes from this study section as these notes will help you later on practice quizzes and master tests. Students must complete each video session and take notes to move on. Please bring head phones for this section, so that you can listen without disrupting others.

    Notes: You are allowed to use handwritten notes on all practice quizzes, mastery tests and exams. Handwritten notes should be taken in a spiral notebook. You must list the title of each lesson on the top and write the notes below on the paper. Taking notes (cut & paste) on Microsoft Word is not allowed and will be considered a form of cheating. All R.I.S.E. Lab questions/essays are open book and open notes.

    2. Practice: The practice quiz is approximately 10 problems long (multiple choice/fill in the blank). It will show you exactly what you got right and wrong. If you miss a question, it will allow you to go back and make changes. Several of the questions from the practice quiz will be on the mastery quiz. Pay close attention to the questions and answers.

    Internet: Students are not allowed on the internet unless the class asks the student to go to a particular link or website to finish a section of the lesson. No exceptions. You are NOT allowed to use web sites such as Google, Answers.com, Yahoo, etc. to search for answers. This will be considered a form of cheating and a referral will be written to your assistant principal. Using your cell phone to find answers (via-the internet) or taking pictures of computer content will cause you to lose your class immediately and an “F” will be issued as a grade on your transcripts. Two computers will be available to access as needed information outside of Edgenuity.

    The R.I.S.E. Staff and the Higley High School Administrative team reserve the right to change this document as needed. 


    *Students are assigned a deadline to complete their course in the R.I.S.E Lab. The clock starts the day they begin their class. Students must finish by this given deadline. Students who fail to complete the class by the given deadline will receive an "F" on their transcripts. To avoid this from happening...please make sure you are accurately tracking your classes and utilizing all your instructional time.  It is strongly encouraged to access FLVS outside of the school day to make progress towards target completion. Saturday school may be assigned as needed if significant progress is not demonstrated after conferencing.






    RISE Syllabus 2020-2021





    Description:       This program is an individualized intervention for students who have fallen off track for a timely graduation. All course work will be assigned by a counselor and/or administrator based on student progress towards graduation and completed in the APEX computer system.  It is suggested students complete one class at a time and additional classes will be scheduled after the student has successfully completed a course. The R.I.S.E staff evaluates all incoming documents, but will not make course changes without the written approval of the counselor and administrator.


    Supplies:             Coming to class prepared is essential.  Each class will need the following, but depending on the class additional materials may be needed.

    • Spiral Notebook paper
    • Pencils



    Classroom Expectations

    Be Respectful

    • Follow all School Policies
    • Everyone has the right to learn – do not interfere with this right by distractions such as side-bar talking, unauthorized use of phones, music devices, purses, cameras, food, drinks etc.

    Be Responsible 

    • Be on time & in your seat when bell rings
    • Bring ALL materials to class –notebook, pencil, agenda, etc.



    Be Ready

    • Read agenda on the board so you know what is going on in class each day
    • Work the entire class period and to the best of your ability
    • Be ready to learn – take good notes, follow directions, ask questions!
    • Use provided class time to begin assignment to make sure you are on the right track



    Consequences: The following actions will be taken for minor violations of any class policies:

    1st Offense                Warning

    2nd Offense               Call to your Parent/Guardian    

    3rd Offense                Referral to administration


    The key to a successful study environment is classroom management.  The classroom should be run in such a way that gives students the ability to study in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. Profanity or harassment in any form will not be tolerated.  All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice, and bigotry.  As members of the Higley High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability, or sexual orientation. 



    Attendance:        It is essential that you come to class each day and that you are on time.  When you are absent, it is your job to find out what you missed, including copying notes or class work results, and completing homework. Classes can be accessed from home on days you are not in class, but tests must be taken with your instructor.

    Tardies:              Students must be in the room when the tardy bell rings or they will be considered tardy.  Students will be assigned Saturday school which occurs on the first and third Saturday of each month after the 5th tardy.   





    Dismissal:           Stay in your seats until TEACHER dismisses you.  DO NOT line up at the door before the bell rings. You will need to clean up your area, log off your computer and push in your chair.  








    • Grades will be updated and managed through the FLVS learning program. 
    • You may discuss progress and grades during your weekly instructor conference.
    • Re-takes:  Credit Recovery Students will have 2 opportunities to take tests/quizzes.  Credit Recovery Students may make corrections for an additional retake opportunity for quizzes and tests. This will be discussed in class.



    Cheating:  Cheating means, but not limited to:  Allowing other students to complete your work, copying course work, using websites and/or electronic devices during assignments, tests, and quizzes. These behaviors are unacceptable.  Please do NOT do it.  Students caught cheating will receive a conduct referral and may need to schedule a conference with the instructor, counselor, administrator, and parent.  Students may be removed from the program and reassigned to another placement.


    Electronics: As stated in the student handbook electronic devices are not to be evident in class, unless requested by teacher for educational purposes.  Please turn off cell phones and/or music players and keep them in your bag.  Any electronic devices that can be seen or heard will be confiscated and given to the front office. 


    Bathroom Passes: Time on task is critical in the RISE Lab so all students will be limited to four (4) short bathroom breaks per quarter.  Teachers will approach this with discretion and students are asked to do the same.


    Extra Help:        We feel strongly about helping each student succeed.  Please ask questions during class when you don’t understand something.  You will need to bring your notes. Please take complete notes, the clearer and thorough your notes are, the more assistance that you can receive.


    Saturday School: Throughout the year there will be opportunities to come in and work on Saturdays. Dates and times will be advised throughout the year.




    Students may schedule time for extra assistance with their teacher.

    How can parents help?

    1. Keep an active tab on how they are doing. Each day your child will receive a progress report. 
    2. Help students take and review notes before tests and quizzes. 
    3. If your student is falling behind, dedicate a time at home for them to work on their class.
    4. Provide a quiet and focused environment.
    5. Keep track of deadlines and keep in contact with the teacher if you see major changes.






















    Please return the signature section to your instructor to acknowledge you have received a copy of this Management Plan.


    Student Name (printed) __________________________________      Student Signature __________________________________


    Parent Name (printed) ___________________________________       Parent Signature __________________________________


    Parent Contact Information:


    Mother/Guardian Name (Printed) __________________________________________________________________________

    Home Phone: ____________________________________ Cell Phone: ____________________________________________

    Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________

    Preferred Method of Contact:                      Email                                Cell Phone                             Home Phone

    Father/Guardian Name (Printed) __________________________________________________________________________

    Home Phone: ____________________________________ Cell Phone: ____________________________________________

    Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________

    Preferred Method of Contact:                      Email                                Cell Phone                             Home Phone