• Fifth Grade

    Classroom Supplies

    • Clorox Wipes
    • Kleenex
    • Lined paper (wide ruled) 
    • #2 pencils (12-24 count)
    • Hand sanitizer 
    • One pack of Expo markers (donate to the classroom) - Black 
    • Highlighter (pack of 4 - any color) 
    • Post-it notes (any size) 
    • Index cards (one pack) 
    • Paper towels
    • Eraser caps
    • Red pens (donate to the classroom) 
    • Glue sticks (pack of two to four) 

    These will be kept in your child's homeroom for everyone to use

    Optional Classroom Supplies

    • Ziplock baggies (any size) 
    • Colored copy paper

    Personal Supplies

    To be kept in a pencil box or pouch (label with your child's name)

    • Hand-held sharpener (one's that catch the shavings)
    • One pair of small headphones 
    • Colored ink or gel pen for corrections
    • Colored pencils (12 or 24 count) 
    • Pair of scissors
    • One glue stick

    Adkins: Science

    • One composition notebook (college ruled, if possible)
    • Plastic folder labeled Science

    Hathaway: Reading

    • One composition notebook (college rulled, if possible) 
    • Pocket folder (plastic) labeled Reading

    Grant: Math

    • One composition notebook (college ruled, if possible)
    • One pack of expo markers (to donate to the math classroom) - Black or assorted colors

    Williams: Social Studies and Writing

    • One pocket folder (plastic) labeled Writing & Social Studies
    • One Spiral Notebook (50-100 pages)

    Messina: Math and Reading Intervention

    • Expo markers (to donate to intervention classroom)