• Kindergarten

    We hope your little ones are excited to join us in Kindergarten, we sure are! For your convenience, here is a suggested supply list for the upcoming year. Rather than have your little one struggle on the first day of school bringing everything they need, please bring your student’s supplies with them on Meet the Teacher night! All items, except the backpack, will be considered community property and will be shared by all students so please do not write your child’s name on them.

    Suggested Classroom Supplies

    • Backpack (No Wheels)
    • 4 plastic heavy duty 2 pocket folders no prongs (Red & Blue)
    • 4 plastic heavy duty 2 pocket folders with prongs (Green & Yellow)
    • 2 Primary journal composition books K-2 (9.75”x 7.5”)
    • 1 package clear plastic heavy duty sheet protectors (25 count or more)
    • 12 small glue sticks (or more) (No Rose Art Products)
    • 2 Large pink erasers
    • 5 Boxes Crayola crayons 4 Count (No Rose Art Products)
    • 1 Box 24 count Crayola colored pencils (No Rose Art Products)
    • 1 Box 10 count Crayola washable broadline classic markers (No Rose Art Products)
    • 1 Package fine tip EXPO dry erase markers (Black only)
    • 1 Package wide tip EXPO dry erase markers (Black only)
    • 1-2 Boxes Dixon Ticonderoga pencils
    • 1 Ream colored copy paper (Not construction paper)
    • 1 Ream white cardstock paper (8.5 x 11)
    • 1 Ream colored cardstock paper (8.5 x 11) – Single Color Only
    • 1 Container of baby wipes (Not travel size)
    • 4 Containers of Clorox wipes
    • 1 Box sandwich size Ziploc bags (No slider)
    • 25 Treasure chest items (a variety of “new” items only)

    1 Package paper bowls

    1 Package small paper plates