• 1st Grade

    A plastic pencil box (8 x 5 x 2.5) labeled and loaded with the following items on the first day of school.

    1 pair scissors

    1 box of Crayola® 24 count crayons

    Two sharpened no.2 pencils

    2 Glue sticks

    1 pink eraser

    1 black whiteboard marker

    1 clean sock to use as an eraser


    Additional Needed Items

    15 Elmers glue sticks

    2 pink erasers

    2 packages of black dry erase markers (low odor please)

    2 packages of Ticonderoga #2 pencils

    4 boxes of Crayola® 24 count crayons    

    2 boxes of Kleenex

    4 packages of Clorox cleaning wipes

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer with pump

    1 pair of headphones (earbuds from Dollar Tree)

    (place in a labeled bag)

    Please also send in one-quart size bag containing Legos or other building manipulatives of your child’s choice and a sandwich bag with one color of playdough.