• This is the orchestra page for Gateway Pointe Elementary, Chaparral Elementary, and Higley Traditional Academy. 



    1. Bring your instrument, music, and pencil
    2. Practice your instrument five times each week
    3. Be a team player and take responsibility in your learning



    Students should be practicing regularly and turning in their weekly practice logs, due each Monday. Parents should help their child create a consistent practice schedule and stick to it. Here are the practice requirements for orchestra:
    5th Grade: 10 minutes, 5 times each week  
    6th Grade: 15 minutes, 5 times each week 



    We use Orchestra Karate to help students focus on their goals and measure their progress. There are eight belt colors and we will learn about two per quarter. Feel free to ask your child to see their Orchestra Karate Check-off Sheet.



    Asking your child to perform for you is one of the best things you can do for them in their musical journey. It helps build their confidence, self-assess what they know and need to work on, and it shows them that you are interested in and proud of what they have learned. Have you asked your child to perform for you recently? 



    Concert attendance is mandatory. Please contact your child’s orchestra teacher if you are unsure of the concert dates that we have scheduled for your school. Performance attire is the orchestra shirt, full length black dress pants or ankle skirts (no capris, shorts, or tights in place of pants), black socks, and black shoes. 



    Students can receive extra credit for attending other orchestra concerts! This includes concerts at other schools or going to see professional orchestras such as the Phoenix Symphony. Just have your child bring the program in to class to receive credit. You can email your child’s orchestra teacher if you were unable to get a program at the concert. 


    Please contact your child’s orchestra teacher if you have any questions at all. 


    Orchestra Teacher: Mrs. Asay


    Voicemail: 480-279-7786