Applications accepted through March 8, 2023

What is a Seal?

The Arizona State Board of Education has approved seals to recognize high school students that achieve proficiency in related course work and demonstrate mastery on additional examinations along with extracurricular tasks. Students awarded a seal committed themselves to merit recognition of their efforts both inside the classroom and accumulated related extracurricular activities outside the classroom. Students are recognized with a seal on their diploma and a notation on their transcripts.
The HUSD Service Learning Honor for Excellence Seal is a Higley Unified School District seal.
This is a student-driven process. You, the student, are responsible to collect and document the information required in order to earn each seal. Applications for each for seals are due to the counseling office by the Friday before Spring Break. Incomplete applications and applications that are submitted after the due date will not qualify to be awarded.

For more information on the individual seals and applications, please click the seal above or the name in the menu.