• World History & Geography 2019-2020

    Instructor:  Mr. Steven Bain             Email: steven.bain@husd.org

    Grade Level:  9th and 10th                 Phone: 480-279-7343

    Office and Tutoring

    Regular Tutoring is on Mondays and Fridays from 12:09-12:39. Since I want to be able to help you in an individualized way signup in advance is recommended but you can also drop in for help. I also will be available on some late start days when no meetings scheduled for teachers or departments.

    Don’t be shy! If you can’t make those times on Monday or Friday work, then tutoring is available every day as needed by appointment.

    Bottom line: All tutoring is best by appointment! 

    Drop-ins? You can always try to drop by but making an appt. assures you will get the individualized time you need for tutoring.    

    Website:   http://www.husd.org =>HHS=>Teacher Pages=>Social Studies=>Bain

    Textbook: Mr. Bain uses a mix of online curriculum and material from World History Patterns of Interaction, McDougal Little. ( ISBN 061818774x). A set of classroom texts is available for your use, but if you need to take one home, you will need to check one out from the bookstore. All online material is identified and collected by Mr. Bain. Material will be available on Canvas.

    About Mr. Bain

    Hello! I look forward to having you as a student in my class.  You may wish to know some background information about me.  I was born in 1969 and have been happily married since 2009. My wife and I have two daughters and a son. I grew up in Cedar Rapids, IA and graduated high school in 1987.  I obtained concurrent Bachelor of Science Degrees in Political Science and Communication from Arizona State University, and then completed my Master of Secondary Education at Arizona state in 2018 (Go Sun devils!). Prior to teaching, I worked as a Service Manager for commercial truck dealerships, such as Freightliner and Peterbilt Trucks.

    In the past I have taught U.S. History, and was a private drum instructor in Iowa for three years. This is my first year in the Higley School District and I look forward to having a great year with you.  I enjoy playing the drums, woodworking, traveling, fishing, watching Netflix and playing video games. My favorite periods in history are The Crusades, the Golden Age of Pirates, and Feudal Japan.   

    Mr. Bain’s Educational Philosophy:

    I enjoy teaching! I will do my best to engage and inspire each student using technology, problem-based learning and critical thinking exercises.  I believe that every student can learn, and I expect each student to perform at maximum potential. I am convinced that the amount of effort you put into something is directly proportional to the grade you receive, so I reward hard work, and expect it as well. Practice makes almost perfect!

    Goals and Objectives:  This course will cover and meet all Arizona State Standards for high school World History and Geography courses.

    Course Description:  Beginning with topics from early civilizations and culminating in the events of the 21st century, World History provides interactive course content that will challenge high school students to learn about the political, economic, and social aspects of world history. Students are taught to think and study as Historians in Training. This highly engaging, two-semester course encourages students to explore the major revolutions and social movements that have influenced different nations and eventually spread throughout the world. During this course, students will be exposed to a variety of pressing issues that have created opportunities for both conflict and cooperation in the modern world. This class uses inquiry, and question-based learning to inspire meaningful thinking and promote student engagement.  

    Required Supplies:  Each student must have 2 spiral bound single subject notebooks for use as Interactive Notebooks dedicated to organizing and maintaining materials, learning and assignments for World History. Students will also need a set of at least 12 colored pencils, 2 glue sticks, blunt edged scissors, and a straight edge ruler. I would recommend a set of markers, but it is not required.

    Classroom Supply Wish List:

    • Facial tissue
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Clorox wipes

    Supplementary Material:  Supplementary reading and video materials will be available in Canvas and my teacher web page to provide more depth and fascinating insight to The History of The World

    Course Outline – Eleven Units Two Semesters

    First Semester

    1. Foundations of Civilizations: Paleo to Modern World
    2. The Americas: 1400-1914 C.E.
    3. Europe: 1400- 1914 C.E.
    4. Africa: 1400-1910 C.E.

    Second Semester

    1. Asia: 1400-1910 C.E.
    2. World War I- Interwar Years
    3. World War II
    4. Cold War
    5. Decolonization
    6. The Environment
    7. Globalization

    Grades and Timeliness:  Due dates are not flexible unless the student contacts the teacher IN ADVANCE.  It is understandable that exceptional circumstances occur.  It is THE STUDNT’S responsibility to review the posted grades on a regular basis and immediately report clerical errors or questions about grades.  Once a unit test has been taken, unit work will no longer be accepted with the exception of a one school day late turn in grace period.

    Semester Work Grading Policy

    Course Breakdown: Description:

    Formative Assessments: 60% Exams, essays, projects, interactive notebook

    Classwork 20% Homework, classwork, participation, etc.

    Final Exam 20% HUSD District Issued Final Exam 

    Post Test Mastery Opportunity (ie test corrections/extra credit):

    You will be allowed to relearn and improve unit exam scores under the following circumstances.

    1. Students will have the opportunity to do test corrections if they have completed all homework & assignments for the unit being tested.
    2. A typical opportunity would consist of a series of short answer questions to give the student another opportunity to demonstrate mastery.
    3. Students have one full week to do test corrections after the student receives their test grade.
    4. Students must turn in the re-writes to my basket on my desk within one week of the test’s return to students—no exceptions on time allowance.

    Posting Grades:

    Updated grades will be posted once or twice per week in Synergy.  Students will have opportunity to earn two or more grades per week on average.  Grades can be accessed anytime by parents or students at the following website: https://synergy.husd.org/.

    Parents should contact the district office if they do not have a user id and password.  Students and parents are expected to frequently check grades.  Please notify teacher if any questions or clerical issues arise.


    Individual and final grades will be rounded to the nearest whole percentage point according to conventional math rules.  If a grade ends in.5 or more it rounds up; if it ends in a .4 or lower it rounds down.

    Example:  If a student earns a 79.4 or lower the grade will round down to 79%.  If a 79.5 or higher is earned it will round up to an 80%.

    Homework/Practice Policy and Late Work:

    • Late work will be accepted within a reasonable amount of time.
    • Late work will receive a minimum 30% reduction from total points earned.

     Late homework will be accepted under the following circumstances-

    1. In-Class assignments are to be done in class and become homework if student does not have time to finish.
    2. Any assignment that is not turned in when due is late.
    3. Students will have ample time to complete assignments. All unit work is due by the day of the unit test.  Students will always have at least 5 days notice before a test is given, so there really is no excuse for late work.
    4. Late work will not be accepted more than one day past a due date. Students are welcome to turn in work ahead of a due date so they can receive feedback and fix any errors for resubmission. 
    5. If you do not do your assignments during the last two weeks of a marking period there is NO MAKEUP ALLOWED. There are exceptions for family emergency/medical possible. Bain will have exclusive authority to decide if late work will be allowed during the last two weeks of a semester.

    Grading and Suspensions: Students and/or parents are expected to contact teacher via email or phone for schoolwork if a suspension is administered.  “In” or “Out” of School suspension work is expected on the day the student returns to class.

    Cheating/Plagiarism: Students are expected to do their own work unless otherwise instructed and are expected to cite material where appropriate.

    Cheating can be described as, but is not limited to-

    1. Copying another’s work with or without permission.
    2. Using “crib notes” on tests, quizzes or other assessments.
    3. Securing answers for tests from others who have already taken a test.
    4. Using notes or a book when they have not been permitted.
    5. Passing off another’s work as your own.

    Cheating Consequences:

    1. Any student caught cheating will receive an automatic zero on the assignment.
    2. A parent or guardian will be contacted due to cheating.
    3. Repeat offenders will get a written referral.

    Bathroom Passes: Bathroom passes are a privilege.  No passes are allowed the first or last 10 minutes of class.  One student out of class at a time is the expectation unless it is an emergency—then see Mr. Bain.  Students will have four signed passes to use during the course of the quarter.  If a student has a medical need that requires more frequent visits a simple signed and dated note from parent/guardian will grant extended privileges.  Do not leave the building for any reason during your restroom break.  Sign out and back in using the sign-in clip board provided at front of class.  If you do not follow these rules restroom breaks can and will be suspended except for doctor prescribed breaks.

    Attendance/Tardiness:  Students are expected to attend every class and arrive on time prepared to learn.  I will follow the policies of the Higley Unified School District in terms of attendance.  In short, in accordance with Arizona State Law, any student who misses more than nine classes in a course will be placed on audit status and lose credit.  By your eighth absence I will call home to clarify next steps should absences continue.

    For your benefit, here is the Higley High position on attendance as presented in the HHS Employee Handbook and the HUSD code of conduct.


    The expectation is that students will be in the class before the class door is closed. Approximately 10 seconds after the bell rings. Because each tardy is disruptive to the learning environment in the classroom, I will strictly adhere to Higley District policy on tardies, which is as follows:

    1st Tardy - discussion with student

    2nd Tardy - discussion and/or call home

    3rd Tardy - call home and assign detention with teacher

    4th Tardy - referral to office

    Attendance: A student will be considered absent from class if they enter the classroom more than ten minutes after the designated start time.  If the student has a valid reason filed in office to be late to class, it will be an excused absence. The absence will be considered unexcused if the student is late without being excused by the school administration or the parent signing in the child late.  If you would like to receive attendance updates throughout the day, you have the option to sign up in ParentVUE/StudentVUE.

    ASD (After School Detention): Students may be assigned ASD for the following reasons: tardy, missing homework, unpreparedness for class, or behavior issues.  ASD takes place in my room and is typically held as needed at teacher discretion.  It can be assigned for the following school day if behavior necessitates, but sometimes may occur at a different time due to teacher meetings, etc.

    Tardy:  If you are tardy to class, your entrance is disruptive to the learning process, and you miss information necessary for your success. The 3rd tardy result in after school detention. The 4th tardy will result in an office referral and students will be assigned Saturday detention. Students who are more than 10 minutes tardy will be marked absent.

    1st Tardy- Student/ teacher conference

    2nd Tardy-Student/ teacher conference and/or a warning to parent that 3rd tardy involves ASD.

    3rd Tardy-call home and ASD

    4th Tardy-Office

    5th+ Tardy  Office Referral (Includes date of recent tardy)

    Tardies and Tests- Students tardy to class may lose credit on tests.  Tardies less than 10 minutes late may result in up to a 20% reduction in earned points as discipline for disrupting the testing environment.  Tardies of 10 or more minutes result in unexcused absences.  In those cases, makeup of a test may be denied, and the teacher has full discretion on the amount of credit lost or if a test can be made up at all.

    Unexcused Absent Grading:

    Any student who does not have an excused absence will NOT be allowed to makeup a missed test and will receive a zero for the test.  Unit tests are well advertised at least 5 class days before given and students are expected to test on test day or have valid excuse if missed.  Teacher has ALL discretion on test makeups.

    Note: Reread the attendance and Absence sections.

    Teacher has sole discretion regarding the makeup of tests and whether extensions will be granted.

    Cell Phone and Earbud Policy

    Cell phones will be housed in the cell phone parking lot during class unless students are specifically instructed to use them. I provide usb and 110 outlet charging stations for student’s phones in the parking area.  Unauthorized cell phone use will result in phone confiscation.  Even if it just rings in your bag, it violates policy!

     Earbuds will not be used in class unless you have been instructed to use them by the teacher.

    1. First Confiscation (schoolwide)-student may retrieve from bookstore clerk.
    2. All subsequent confiscations- parents must retrieve phone from the bookstore clerk.

    Summary of Expectations:

    1. Do your best always and turn in all assignments.
    2. Be on time, alert and ready to learn.
    3. Be kind in your words and actions.
    4. Respect yourself and others.
    5. No food, drink or cell phones allowed.
    6. Check your grades weekly.  Report errors immediately.
    7. Listen to and follow directions.
    8. Be prepared for class.  Interactive notebooks will be brought to class daily
    9. Respect the property of the school and others. School property is expensive, and we work hard to get it. Treat it as if it were a gift. Also, if something is not yours, do not touch it. Even if it is supposed to be a joke, taking or hiding something that is not yours is theft. Theft, vandalism, and defacement of property are not tolerated in my class.
    10. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    11. No talking is allowed when someone else is talking or announcements are being made (video or intercom).
    12. Follow school and district rules at all times.  Dress code rules will be enforced in my class.
    13. Other Expectations:
    • NO food, drink, or gum allowed (water in clear container is allowed)
      1. If you bring food or drink, I will require you to throw out the item immediately. No warnings beyond the first day in my class.
      2. Failure to throw out the offending item will result in a referral/ASD.
    • NO hats allowed in classrooms
    • Be ready to learn, in your seat when bell rings.
    • I dismiss class, not the bell.


    Pass Into Class: Occasionally students arrive late to class.  You must have a pass to be excused for your tardiness.  If you do not have a pass you may be sent to the office or the sending teacher to obtain one.  If you are late with no pass, then you are tardy.  If more than 10 minutes of the class has passed and you do not have an excusal pass, then you are considered absent.


    All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry. As members of the Higley High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation.

    After School Detention (ASD) and Behavior Management Plan

    After school detention will be served with the teacher on a designated day.  Detentions may be assigned for poor work, missing assignments, misbehavior.  Your 3rd tardy in this class will result in an ASD.  If you are tardy four or more times it results in Administrative referral.

    Behavior Management Plan and Consequences:

    *A student’s behavior can warrant skipping steps if the offense warrants further action. In addition, rules broken that follow a different protocol in the student handbook will be followed as well.

    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Call Home
    3. Call Home and parent/student/teacher conference
    4. After School Detention (ASD) as needed, also any tardy on or after 3rd tardy.
    5. Written referral to principal’s office & call or letter home

    Controversial Issues, Topics & Discussions

    On rare occasion there are economics standards and objectives where there are differing views and opinions.  To maintain a quality learning environment, the following guidelines will help us maintain a quality learning environment.

    1. Be sensitive to the beliefs and experiences of others
    2. No sarcastic comments or other ‘put-downs’ will be tolerated
    3. Everybody has the right to speak and to be heard

    Privacy:  I will hold what you tell me and write to me in strict confidence.  Periodically I will read student journal entries and homework assignments.  If I desire to share something you wrote I will either read it anonymously or gain your permission first (see state mandate exception below). 

    State Mandates*:  Be aware that I will not capriciously share your thoughts with others.  However, I am required by law to report certain things like abuse, suicide contemplation and other items like that.  For example, if a student divulged to me that he/she was being abused, I am required by law to report that to the state.

    Use this link to affirm you affirm the syllabus: https://forms.gle/HjKhu7GveBjNJqNz5

    If you do not have internet access, see Mr. Bain on how to submit your syllabus affirmation.