Parents, Guardians and Students, I am very excited to welcome you to this school year at Sossaman Middle School. If you are new to SMS, Welcome! And, if you are a returning student, Welcome Back!  My goal is to create a quality program, ensuring a positive learning experience for your child. Your child’s education and implementation of his/her IEP with fidelity, as well as their academic growth and social/emotional growth, are my top priorities. I look forward to working with you and your child! Below are highlights of some of the procedures and expectations for this school year.


    I am available by phone or email. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Lauren Harrison: Lauren.Harrison@husd.org

    Phone Number: 480.279.8500 room 305



    Homework will be individualized to students’ needs and progress. Please contact me if you would like me to provide homework for your son/daughter.  



    I joined my group

    I am physically present at my assigned task/station/small group.

    I have all my materials ready

    I have the materials I need for my specific class/group (e.g., pencil, notebook, etc.)

    I am following directions in each assigned activity and lesson

    I am completing my tasks or activity as directed.

    I am participating in each assigned activity and lesson

    I am listening, responding, and showing effort in my assigned activity or assignment.

    I am showing respect for my peers, teacher, and myself.

    I am keeping my hands to myself, using appropriate language, and speaking in turn to my peers, teachers and aides.

    Classroom Management and Behavior Plan

    Students will be graded according to the Participation Checklist above. Students will be awarded one point for each component, averaging for two grades (up to 5 points) per period.


    Classroom Schedule & Instruction:

    The class schedule below is based on the school’s bell schedule. It will vary depending on your son or daughter’s individual plan.


    1st Hour:


    Alternate Standards Math

    2nd Hour:


    Alt Standards English Language Arts

    3rd Hour:


    Alt Standards English Language Arts/Science/Electives




    5th Hour:


    Alt Standards Social Studies

    5th Hour:


    Alt Standards Science

    6th Hour:


    Electives - Unified Sports



    The students will be provided services (OT/PT/Speech) within these times according to the service minutes outlined in their individual IEPs. Students will also be afforded sensory breaks as deemed necessary within these time frames. Due to the flexible nature of this classroom, this schedule is subject to change per student need.


    Math: Math instruction will be conducted according to each student’s individual IEP. The students will be instructed beyond the IEP expectations incorporating Arizona Standards when possible.


    Language Arts: Reading and Writing instruction will be conducted in accordance with individual student IEP needs. Again, students will be instructed beyond the IEP expectations incorporating Arizona Standards when possible.


    Social Studies & Science: Reading and Writing instruction will continue based on student needs, however it will incorporate non-fiction readings and expository writing. Students will be exposed to a variety of topics in accordance with Arizona Standards.


    Social/Life Skills: Social skills and life skills are always a point of focus and are incorporated throughout all content areas as deemed appropriate and based on individual student need.


    Students will receive grades in Synergy based on averages of their daily participation and homework (if assigned). Grades from classes outside of the CASE room will be graded per your child’s IEP. IEP progress reports will be completed quarterly. Please refer to Participation Checklist above.


    Redo/Retake Policy for Inclusion Students:

    Redo/Retake opportunity for students will be based on inclusion teacher’s policy in accordance with student IEP.


    Plagiarism and Academic Integrity:

    Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be addressed according to school and district policy.