• Thank you for your interest for becoming a Guest Teacher with Higley Unified School District!


    Thank you for your interest in the Higley Unified School District.  Providing quality substitutes for our children is among our top priorities. If you would like to serve as a Guest Teacher, Sub Aide and Sub Health Aide in Higley, the District contracts substitute services through smartschoolsplus. You may submit an application for certified substitute employment through the link below. When you have completed all application requirements with smartschoolsplus, the District will be notified of your interest.

    Apply online with smartschoolsplus.

    Substitute Pay
    Full Day (working over 4 hours) - $90/day
    Half Day (working 4 hours or less) - $45/day
    Long Term Position - Days 1-20 will be at $90/day. Days 21-40 will be at $110/day. Thereafter will be at $120/day
    Sub Aide/Sub Health Aid
    Hourly Pay Rate: $11.15


    Arizona Certification
    Arizona Department of Education
    Arizona State Teacher Certification
    Arizona DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card
    AZ Department of Public Safety

    Frontline Absence Management System

    Welcome to the Higley Unified School District absence and substitute management system. School-based Certified staff and Education Support Professionals report absences and request substitutes through the Absence Management system.
    Sign in to Absence Management online
    To access the 24-hour call system: (800) 942.3767
    Absence Management Campus User Guide
    Substitute Quick Start Guide
    If you have questions, please contact Kathy McKay, Substitute Specialist in Human Resource Services at (480) 279.7088 kathy.mckay@husd.org