• 7th Grade Social Studies 2019–2020

    Course Syllabus

    Instructor:  Danielle Neibauer Ed.D. 

    Contact:  danielle.neibauer@husd.org

    Welcome students and parents to Seventh Grade Social Studies!  My name is Danielle Neibauer and this year in Social Studies we will be exploring United States and global history.  Our curriculum map for this year’s course has been developed from the Arizona Department of Education state standards.  If you ever have any questions regarding what we will be learning please do not hesitate to contact me.

    The textbook that we will occasionally be using in class is:  U.S. History by Holt McDougal

    Curriculum Map/Major Units of Study

    • Pre-Civil War (Events and factors leading up to the Civil War)
    • The Civil War & Reconstruction
    • Emergence of the modern U.S. (Immigration, Industrialization)
    • Age of Imperialism
    • The World Wars
    • The Cold War
    • Age of Globalization

    Class Procedures and Policies

    • Come to class prepared and ready to learn! (3-ring binder or folder, pen/pencils, positive attitude)
    • Be in your seat and ready to begin when the bell rings
    • Participation is a very important part of this class. Students should be prepared to have discussions, ask questions, offer observations, and provide opinions when appropriate.
    • This classroom is a brain-friendly, safe environment! Everyone is expected to be respectful, kind, positive, and ready to have fun! J

    Classroom Structure

    • The AZ social studies standards are divided into four-week units of study. 
    • Weekly note pages and content vocabulary words are distributed every Monday in class.
    • Weekly vocabulary-based assessments (quizzes or tests) will be given every Friday.
    • Students should review their vocabulary words throughout the week in preparation for the Friday quiz or Friday unit test! Quizlet is a great resource for students to use to help them study.

    Assignment Submission

    • All assignments should have a header in the upper right corner with the following information in this order:



    Class Period


    • There will be a quiz or a test every Friday! Retakes of tests and quizzes will be allowed only when the student has completed the required review activities determined by the instructor.  The retake must occur within two weeks of the original test date. Semester final exams do not have re-take opportunities. 


    • If a student is absent it is his/her responsibility to find out what work was done and to get it completed.
    • If a student is absent on Friday, he/she will take the quiz or exam the following Monday in class.
    • If a student is absent on Monday, it is his/her responsibility to get the weekly note page and vocabulary words when he/she returns to school (extra note pages are always in a basket by my desk).


    We are on a semester grading system here at Cooley. We will have a final exam at the end of the first semester in December and one in May at the end of the second semester that covers the material for each semester.  There will also be tests at the end of each unit of study, and quizzes every Friday during those units. All assignments will be graded on the traditional grading scale that is below.  Semester grades are weighted as follows: Tests/Quizzes 75%, Formative Assessments 15%, Assignments 10%

    A 90 – 100        B 80 – 89          C 70 – 79          D 60 – 69          59 or below is failing


    Supply List (Social Studies)

    -Two pocket folder

    -One pack loose leaf notebook paper (college ruled)


    -Colored Pencils/Markers

    -Box of Kleenex

    **Extra colored pencils/markers, dry erase markers, hand sanitizer and/or sticky notes are always welcome in addition to the required supplies!! J