• Syllabus: 7th Grade Science

    Mrs. Amy Israel

    Cooley Middle School

    amy.israel@husd.org   (480) 279-8300 ext. 8372

    Tutoring Hours: Tuesday/Thursday before/after school



    Welcome to 7th grade science! I look forward to an exciting year with diverse learning opportunities! Please read the syllabus carefully and entirely. Thank you in advance. 


    Course Description

    The 7th grade science curriculum follows both state and national curriculum standards. Topics include, but are not limited to:

    Scientific Method

    Rocks and Minerals

    Geologic Time

    Plate tectonics


    Climates and Seasons

    Moons, Eclipses, and Tides

    Planets and Constellations

    Environmental Impact


    Food Chains and Webs


    Course Materials

    Please bring these supplies with you to class every day:

    spiral or composition notebook

    pencil pouch or box to maintain supplies

    glue stick or tape



    Post it notes

    writing utensils of your preference

    coloring utensils of your preference



    Holt and Science Technology’s Inside the Restless Earth, Environmental Science, and Astronomy

    Textbooks will be maintained in class. 


    Course Objective

    1. Explore 
    2. Investigate phenomenon and use inquiry based learning to expand scientific literacy
    3. Practice safe and accurate scientific methods, research, and practices.
    4. Learn together with respect, responsibility, communication and cooperation


    Teaching Strategies

    Lecture/class discussion

    Small group instruction

    Use of technology

    Experiments Demonstrations

    Creative Projects

    Individual, partner, and group work

    Personal Responsibility

    I will be on time and prepared I will be respectful .     

    I will bring positive energy to the class I will follow all directions and school rules

    I will have an open mind



    In-class passes are to be used for emergencies only. We MUST make the most of our short time together. Passes are located in the purple folder you recieve from Cooley.


    Grading Policies

    Cooley Middle School operates on semesters. There are two semesters each school year. 

    The following scale determines the letter grade associated with a student’s percentage grade:

    A  90% - 100%

    B  80% - 89%

    C  70% - 79%

    D  60% - 69%

    F  59% or below

    The grading system in 7th grade science has weighted grades. 

    10% Practice Work

    10% Final Exam

    80% Assessments

    CMS Assessment Retake Policy

    To ensure every student has an opportunity to master the material presented in class, students will be given the opportunity to retake quizzes or tests. It is important to note that the retake policy is not intended to be used as a regular practice by a student. 


    Students have two weeks from the date that the grades are posted in StudentVue to retake an assessment.  Students will receive the highest grade received. If students are retaking an assessment they must fulfill the following requirements:


    1.  Complete the retake/redo reflection form.
    2. Provide complete notes, study guides, and assignments 
    3. Attend a minimum of one tutoring session.
    4. Schedule a time to retake the assessment before or after school.


    Classroom Expectations

    Each class will construct their own classroom expectations and norms, focused on mutual respect. 


    Cooley Middle School’s Pyramid of Expectations clearly detail choices and behaviors that impede student learning in our class. 


    Please see the CMS handbook for more details. 

    Cooley Middle School Pyramid of Expectations


    I will post important information on our class’s Canvas page. I will email home directions to both create an account and link to student’s account. 

    I have read and acknowledge the syllabus __________________________________________