• Instructor:

    Mr. Don Goss



    Phone Number:


    Web Page:


    Office Hours: Tue and Thursday after school room 422 until 3:00pm.




    This course is an extension of the topics learned in Algebra I and Geometry.  In addition to reinforcing previous topics an emphasis will be placed on learning to use advanced algebraic tools. Topics studied will include functions, powers, exponential equations, logarithms, quadratics, polynomials, trigonometry, statistics, probability, sequences, and series.


    Link to standards: http://www.husd.org/Page/13066



    ·       Binder (this binder can be used for all classes)

    ·       Loose leaf paper

    ·       Dividers

    ·       Graphing calculator (TI-83, TI-84,TI-Nspire (non-CAS), Casio)

    ·       Pencils and erasers

    ·       Notebook







    • Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices
    1. The use of cell phones, earphones, iPods, laptops, or any similar electornic device without prior permission is prohibited in class. All devices must be turned into the instructor at the beginning of class. If they are used, visible, ring and/or vibrate during class time it will be confiscated and given to the front office.




    1. To maintain a secure testing environment, all students will be required to forfeit their cell phone to a designated area in the classroom prior to all assessments. This expectation mimics the regulations enforced by all state-and national regulated standardized tests that students will take throughout their high school career. In case of an emergency during the testing time, parents and/or guardians may contact the front office to reach their student. Students caught with their cell phones during the testing session will receive a zero on the assessment.


    • Absences
      1. Absences are an interruption to your education and should be avoided as much as possible. However, if you must be absent remember that class continues without you. You are responsible for copying the notes and completing the homework.
      2. Assignments due on the day that you are absent should be turned in upon returning to class.
      3. If you are absent on the day an assignment is given, you have the responsibility to make up the work.
      4. You do NOT get more time for an assignment or project that is assigned because of an absence. All assignments are listed in Canvas.  You are responsible for all assignments when they are due.  
      5. If you’re absent the day prior to an assessment, you will still take the assessment the same day as everyone else.
      6. If you’re absent the day of an assessment, the day you come back or the next day must be used to make up missed exams or quizzes; otherwise they remain a zero – it is your responsibility to come in after school and take the assessment or schedule the make-up.


    • Tardy
    1. Students must be in their assigned seatswhen the tardy bell rings or they will be considered tardy. 
    2. All tardies will be assigned to after school detention per school policy. You may serve the detention the day of or the next day.
    3. Three (3) or more tardies will result in assignment to Saturday school.


    • Restroom
      1. Because our class time is short and valuable, you need to go to the restroom between classes.
      2. You will not be allowed during the first and last ten (10) minutes of class.
      3. You must sign out and leave cell phone in the bin.




    • Gum, Food, Drinks, and Candy
      1. You are NOT allowed to have any open containers of food or drink in my classroom (water is the only exception).



    • Assignments
    1. All assignments must be neat, complete, and turned in on time. Work that is sloppy or unreadable may result in a loss of credit or reduction in score.
    2. Normal homework assignments are due the day after assigned.
    3. Assignments will:
    • Be done in pencil.
    • Be completed on lined notebook paper
    • Include the appropriate work. No credit will be given for assignments without work. A list of answers is not acceptable.
    • In order to receive full credit all problems assigned must be attempted.
    1. Late work will NOT be accepted.


    • Tests and Quizzes
    1. Tests will always be announced beforehand. They will be over material that has been studied both in class and through homework assignments. It is up to you to make sure you STUDY all material.
    2. Quizzes are usually open notes. This stresses the importance of taking good notes to have something to reference to during a quiz.


    • Test Retakes/Replacement
      1. You will need to come in after school (or make an appointment for another time) to take test retakes this year.
      2. At the end of each semester you have the opportunity to replace your lowest test score with your midterm/final exam grade.


    • Cheating
    1. Cheating/copying of any sort will not be tolerated and will result in a ZERO (0) for that assignment/assessment.
    1. Students will not be allowed to make up that assignment/assessment.



    • Math Tutoring and Homework Help
    1. If students are struggling with a homework assignment, concept, or have questions regarding the course, I am often available after school. If you are planning on coming in after school, please make sure to let me know ahead of time as I frequently have meetings and other commitments.
    2. Normal tutoring will be Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school (2:15-3:00 pm).  Please check with me because I sometimes have meetings with parents or administrators after school.


    • General Information
    1. You are not to touch any my belongings (both on and off my desk) without permission.
    2. You are not to mess with the thermostat, Smart board, projector, radio, computer, or any other equipment without permission.
    3. When going to the computer lab, library, assemblies, etc. as a class, you are to walk quietly and orderly.




    All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry. As members of the Higley High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation. 


    Students are expected to know and comply with ALL Higley High School regulations as printed in the student handbook, as these rules, polices, and procedures will be followed in class. Students are also asked to:


    Be Respectful

    • Teachers have the right to teach. Students have the right to learn. No one has the right to interfere.
    • I expect students to be quietly and actively listening and taking notes whenever I are explaining new material or answering homework questions, as well as when classmates are presenting material. Talking while instructor is explaining things to the class can and will result in a detention after school that needs to be served the same day or the following day.
    • Use only language that builds others up, not tears them down. Students have a right to be in classroom where they feel safe to voice their opinions and questions without the risk of verbal humiliation from their peers.
    • Profanity and racial slurs will not be tolerated.
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. In order to have a safe and orderly classroom, students need to know that they are protected from being hit, kicked, or their property being taken or destroyed.


    Be Prepared

    • Come to class ready to learn.
    • Bring all materials necessary for your success in class.
    • Never settle for anything less than your best.
    • Strive to learn something new each day.




    All of your teachers believe that you are able to make good choices and can be trusted to follow the rules and guidelines set up by the school. It is your responsibility to show good character and follow the expectation and procedures listed in this handout. Understand that actions have consequences. You are responsible for your actions and your actions have consequences; good AND bad. Think before you act! Some of the positive consequences you will receive for following procedures and expectations are: Verbal praise, positive phone calls home, etc. Listed below are the negative consequences should you CHOOSE to break a rule or CHOOSE to be disrespectful:

    1st Offense:

    Verbal reminder of the class rule.

    2nd Offense:

    Time out in another class. Parents will be contacted regarding behavior.

    3rd Offense:

    Office referral


    More severe offenses such as fighting, stealing, or other safety issues will be referred to the school administration.





    Parents can access their child’s grades and assignments by going to the school’s website and clicking on ParentVue/StudentVue on the quick links bar (right side of the page). Teachers may include digital documents, classroom assignments, points and percentages, and individual feedback and comments. Students’ information is only accessible by using an individualized password assigned by the school. Parents may contact office personnel/counselor for their child’s password at 480-279-8000.

    1. Synergy will be updated weekly. It is the sole responsibility of each student to stay up to date.
    2. A dash in Synergy means the assignment has not been graded or not factored into the grade book. A zero for an assignment means that the assignment was not turned in.
    3. Any discrepancies should be brought to our attention as soon as possible.


    The grading policy for the class is as follows:





    Midterm & Final:




    The grading scale is as follows:

    90% - 100%



    80% - 89%



    70% - 79%



    60% - 69%



    Below 60 %