• Marketing & Advanced Marketing


    Office Hours: M, Th, F 7:00-7:20 & lunches



    This class will introduce you to business and marketing. We will do many projects to apply what we learn and prepare you for whatever industry you decide to pursue. I hope to make this your favorite class where you learn many life skills to prepare you for your future. I look forward to meeting you all and can’t wait for a great year!


    Course Description & Overview

    This introductory course will expose students to many facets of business and marketing including workplace employability standards and professional sales and marketing standards. Part of course work will include the instruction of word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publications and presentation software to create marketing related projects. Course curriculum is aligned nationally with DECA’s comprehensive learning program and marketing 1 students are strongly encouraged to participate in DECA and advanced marketing class fees will pay for their membership. DECA prepares the next generation to be academically prepared, community-oriented, and professionally responsible experienced leaders.  DECA is integrated into classroom instruction and provides a great opportunity for students to apply to learn, connect to business and compete.

    Course Content & Objectives —

    • The World of Marketing
    • Factors influencing consumer behavior
    • Information needed to create a Marketing Plan
    • Retail sales techniques
    • DECA
    • Economics
    • Selling concepts
    • Leadership
    • Advertising, Public Relations, and Visual Merchandising
    • Distribution
    • Pricing
    • Career Development
    • Complex Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Expert Thinking
    • Intergenerational and Cross-Cultural Competence
    • Professionalism
    • Organizational Culture
    • Legal and Ethical Practices
    • Financial Practices
    • Initiative and Self Direction
    • Digital Marketing

    Supplies — Notebook and a pen or pencil. 
               Wish List:   Donations of Kleenex and/or a ream of printer paper are greatly appreciated!


    School Website & Canvas—

    My teacher page on the school website (Higley High School > Teachers > CTE > Escoto) offers a link to Canvas https://husd.instructure.com/login/ldap where the calendar, announcements and supplemental resources will be available. Please bookmark Canvas as this is where you will go to be in the know.


    Grading —

    Grades are cumulative by semester.   Progress reports demonstrate a “snap shot” of student grades at that particular moment; whereas, the Semester Report Card is the permanent grade for that semester’s class.

    Work in this course will fall into three categories: Practice (warm-up work, notes, daily assignments, or homework) Assessments (Quizzes, Tests, Projects), and the Final Project/Exam.  Other tasks may be added at a later date but will always be categorized as practice or assessment.

    Overall Grade Breakdown                                                                          Grading Scale:


    60%     Classroom Assignments

    20%    Projects

    20%    Final Semester Project/Exam


    A =          90% - 100%

    B =          80% - 89%

    C =          70% - 79%

    D =          60% - 69%

    F =          59% and below


    Late Work Policy

    If a student has an excused absent, the student has as many days to make up those assignments as were missed.

    If the student has an unexcused absence, the student has one day to either make up the assignment for up to

    75% credit or schedule an appointment with the instructor to make up the work. It is the student's responsibility to communicate with the teacher the first day they return; if the student fails to do so late work may not be accepted. 


    Policies —

    • The HSHS Student Handbook policies & procedures (which is posted online) will be followed & upheld.
    • Food & Drink are NOT permitted in the classroom. Water is the accepted drink. Must have a lid.
    • Cell Phones are NOT to be used during class time. Put them away. 1st Offense: device turned into office and contract issued to the student. 2nd Offense: device to the office and picked up by a parent. No pickup then the student serves 2 days of lunch detention. 3rd Offense: device to office, parent picks up and one day of ISS. No pickup student has 2 days ISS. 4th Offense: device to office, 2 days suspension for insubordination.
    • Dress Code: 1st Offense: Student to nurse for appropriate clothing. 2nd Offense: 1 day ISS. Students must acquire clothing from home or school. 3rd Offense: 3 days off-campus suspension.
    • Hall Passes: Students are allowed to use a hall pass when needed, but must never abuse their hall pass privilege. Basically, this means they should not be using the hall pass multiple times each week.
    • Profanity will NOT be tolerated. In the professional world, it has no place, and neither has it a place in the classroom. Students are to express themselves without the use of profanity.
    • Classroom Computer Use: Computers are to be used for school purposes only. Students that choose to use class time to check email, download music, blog, play games, do random Google searches, etc. will be removed from the computer or have those aspects of the computer locked down.  2nd Offense: Loss of computer privileges for a week, and result in communication to parents. 3rd Offense: Conversation with counselors and/or administration about possible removal from the class.  Access to a computer is a privilege.
    • Students will be notified by the instructor of any changes in course requirements or policies.


    Students are considered absent if they are 10 or more minutes late to a single class period. Students arriving within the first 10 minutes of class will be counted tardy. Students who are more than 10 minutes late are marked absent. Any work not submitted the day it is due—if the student is on campus, will result in work being late. Bottom line: Be here. Be on time.

    Classroom Consequences —

    Behaviors that disrupt the learning environment will result in the following consequences:


    1. Warning from the teacher
    2. Student Conference
    3. Parent Contact
    4. ASD
    5. Referral to administration & Parent contact


    NOTE: At any time, the teacher may decide that the behavior being displayed by a student requires skipping steps 1 or 2 and going straight to 3.