• Welcome to English 12, 2020-2021

      Mr. Andrew Perazzo

      andrew.perazzo@husd.org           classroom phone: (480)-279-7353

      Office Hours/Tutoring: Wednesday from 8:00 am to 9:55 am, or by appointment

      Introduction & Personal Philosophy

      Welcome to my class!  I grew up in Nevada, but lived in Iowa and Utah before moving down here to Arizona.  I strive to create a positive and challenging environment in my classroom, in which all students feel welcomed, safe, and inspired.  I am excited to be teaching seniors here at Higley High School and look forward to an amazing school year – Go Knights!

      Online Expectations

      “As we begin our school year online, communication is a bit different than in a face-to-face setting.  We will be providing several opportunities for social interactions, but the difference is that most communication will be via written text and through video chat in an online environment.  Because this means you are missing body language cues and immediate feedback from your “listener,” it is very important to understand some common rules for good online etiquette.  This ensures that the message you intend to convey is received correctly.

      1. Be respectful.While it is easier to say hurtful or disrespectful things without standing face-to-face with someone, it is important to remember that your classmates and teachers are real people who are affected by the words you say and write.  It is essential to keep in mind the feelings and opinions of others, even if they differ from your own.  If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online either.
      2. Be aware of strong language, all caps, and exclamation points.It is easy for written text to be misread and misunderstood.  Have you ever sent a text message with good intent but your recipient thought you were being rude? If so, then you’ve experienced this firsthand.  By being cognizant of strong language, you can identify potential confusions before sending messages.  Tip: Read everything out loud before you send it.
      3. Be careful with humor and sarcasm.Certainly you shouldn’t avoid being funny. We love to see your personality shine through in online classes.  But like mentioned in Rule #2, make sure that it is clear you are being funny and not being rude. 
      4. Yes, grammar and spelling matter.While texting, textspeak can b gr8 4 ur friends.  In an educational setting (even online) however, keep it formal.  Your written communication should be professional and reflect proper writing style.  Save written shortcuts and less than stellar grammar for Snapchat if you must, but follow grammar rules for school.
      5. Cite your sources.Whenever you are sharing an idea that originated from someone else (even if it is not word for word), it is good practice to cite that source.  This applies to discussion forums too.  If you read a great thought in your text, share it, but be sure you let your audience know where you saw it first.
      6. Don’t post or share (even privately) inappropriate material.Enough said there.

      “Nothing is truly private online.” —Abraham Lincoln

      Course Description – (from the HHS Course Catalog)


      This is a British and world literature-based course with an emphasis on analytical and evaluative composition skills. Several novels will be read and analyzed along with short stories, plays, essays, and poems. Students will present speeches, prepare a research paper, continue to develop vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills, and complete an extensive college/career project and senior reflection project.

      Course Length: 1 year                        Credits: 1     Prerequisite: 3 English credits      

      Fees: Your Soul None                           Grade Level: 12     Location: HHS Your house


      Additional Course Information:  Because this course focuses on British and World Literature, the coursework is rigorous, yet grade level appropriate, relevant, and will utilize the following resources:


      • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Collections, grade 12 and additional resources from HMH
      • Beowulf, by some dead guy
      • The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde 
      • Hamlet, by William Shakespeare
      • Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
      • My Little Pony The Movie: The Junior Novelization by G.M. Berrow
      • Video clips and other media that are curriculum appropriate will also be used for support. Lots of video clips.


      NOTE: This syllabus has been created in conjunction with HHS Site and District Administration.  By signing the syllabus acknowledgment, you are permitting your teen to read the texts listed herein, as well as other supplemental reading selections, all of which have been reviewed/approved by the HHS Administration.  Parents, you are encouraged to review and research these and other titles as they are assigned.  If, at any time you prefer an alternate text or reading assignment for your senior, please email me directly at andrew.perazzo@husd.org with your request and an alternate assignment will be created for independent study for your senior.


      Because this is a senior level class, I expect exceptionally focused and dedicated effort from you starting today, and only ending the day you graduate! There is no room for senioritis because your grade will reflect the effort you put into our class. Suck it up buttercup.

      Grading Scale:

      100-90% is an A. 89-80% is a B. 79-70% is a C. 69-60% is a D. 59-0% is an E. F.

      Student performance, in connection with important course components, contributes to each student’s final grade for the course in the following manner:

      • Reading Assignments - 30% of Class Grade
      • Writing Assignments - 30% of Class Grade
      • Speaking and Listening Assignments – 20% of Class Grade
      • Assignments – 80% of Class Grade. Super specific, I know.
      • Final Exam – 20% of Class Grade

      Materials Needed:

      • Single-subject spiral notebook, college-ruled
      • A binder or folder to keep handouts and other course documents
      • Loose-leaf paper package, college-ruled (1-2) 
      • Pens
      • Pencils
      • Highlighters (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) 
      • 3-hole punched pencil case/pouch (1)
      • A computer and internet

      Tardy/Attendance Policy: A tardy is defined as a student’s late arrival to class.  Be on time to the Team meetings on Canvas. Show up, or else you will be absent.

      Late/Make-Up Work:

      • Missed assignments can be made up, but will NOT receive full credit.
      • Missing assignments will NOT be accepted after each unit has ended, so it is imperative to turn your work in on time and within the unit in which it is assigned.
        • Though most assignments can be made up, some will be at the teacher’s discretion
        • Students have one day for every day of an excused absence to make up any missed work (in other words, if you are absent for three days, you have three days to make up the work)
        • Not all make-up assignments will be the same as those assigned in class (and they may have added rigor), but they will carry the same grade weight
      • Grades are updated weekly in the online gradebook (if you’re lucky). Students AND parents are strongly encouraged to check grades regularly to stay on top class progress. The teacher is encouraged to actually grade.


      Please know that I realize that things happen; therefore, when you are absent, you must make the effort to find out what you’ve missed when you’re gone. Checking on my website, talking to a classmate, or making an appointment to come in to see me chat on Teams with me during office hours are perfect ways to catch up.  In addition, it is your responsibility to make arrangements for missed quizzes or tests.  Because I post a daily calendar on my website, please do not come ask me what you missed before class starts (See above options/directions).  If a major project or paper (i.e. Senior Capstone) is not turned in on or before a due date, regardless of your attendance in the class, the assignment WILL BE LATE and LATE POINTS will assessed.  Most of all, communication is key - I do understand if there are extenuating circumstances, but these DO NOT include running out of printer ink, “suddenly” discovering a faulty printer, having computer disc/flash drive/saving issues, the Internet going down at your home, or staying up until 2:00 a.m. only to have your computer crash.  You, the senior who has figured it out by now, are responsible for timely submission of your work.  In some instances, an emailed assignment may be accepted, but it must be submitted on or before the due date and time. Internet failure does not equate an extension on an assignment. Allow yourself plenty of time to be sure that the assignment has been properly sent. (Especially since we’re doing everything online right now.) You will know due dates for major assignments well in advance, so late work shouldn’t be a problem.

      Rules and Procedures:


      • Always be respectful of your peers, Mr. Perazzo, and any guests (This includes words, gestures, and actions!).
      • Come to class with a positive attitude, prepared with your materials, and ready to learn.
      • Be inside of the classroom, with your hat off, and in your seat when the bell rings in order to be counted present. Be on the Teams meeting on time.
      • Hand in all assignments on timelate work will only be accepted for full credit in cases of excused absences and/or communicated, approved extenuating circumstances.
      • Use MLA format and heading for all work.
      • Type, double-space, and cite using MLA format for final draft assignments
      • Be prepared to EXCEL AS A SCHOLAR and develop amazing COLLEGE skills.

      DO NOT:

      • Get Senioritis
      • Bring food, drinks, or gum to class (water is okay).
      • Expect to use the restroom during class. You must go during your passing period.
      • Sleep in class during the Teams meeting (it’s a respect thing).
      • Wear a hat in class.
      • Plagiarize for any assignment. Plagiarism or copying of any kind will result in a zero for the assignment (this cannot be made up).
      • Have your phone or earbuds out during class.
      • Pack up and intend to leave until I dismiss the class. Even if it’s after the bell.


      All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice, and bigotry.  As members of the Higley High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability, or sexual orientation.


      nts will not be able to make up the assignment. It will remain a zero in the grade book. 


    Late Work/Missing Assignments:
    Missed assignments can be made up but will NOT receive full credit. They will receive at most, 50%

    • Missing assignments will not be accepted after each unit has ended, so it is imperative to turn your work in on time and within the unit in which it is assigned.
    • Though most assignments can be made up, some will be at teacher’s discretion.
    • Students have one day for every day of an excused absence to make up missed work (in other words, if you are absent for three days, you have three days to make up the work).

    Attendance Policy:
    A student is considered absent from a class if they enter the classroom more than ten minutes after the designated start time. The absence will be considered unexcused if the student is late without being excused by the school administration or the parent signing the child in late at the office. If you would like to receive attendance updates throughout the day, you have the option to sign up in ParentVUE.

    • Students will have as many days to make up work missed. In case of extended absence, alternative arrangements may be made with the teacher.

    • It is the student’s responsibility to find our what he or she missed due to absences and to make arrangements to make up work. Resources for finding out what was missed include the teacher’s web page (Canvas), information written on the board, and the teacher by email or in person.

    • Projects due on the date of an absence are still due, even if the student is absent from class. Make-up time does not apply to work assigned prior to the absence. Arrangements should be made to ensure the work is submitted on time. If you know you will be absent or are ill on the due date of a project assigned in advance, please email me your project to receive full credit. Consideration may be given for extreme circumstances. (Extreme circumstances do not include running out of printer ink, suddenly discovering a faulty printer, having computer issues, the Internet going down at your home, staying up late only to have your computer crash, etc.)

    Tardy Policy:
    1st Tardy – Student Conference
    2nd Tardy – Student Conference + Parent Phone Call + Warning
    3rd Tardy – ASD + Parent Phone Call or Email
    4th Tardy – Office Referral
    At HHS, Students are not allowed out of the classroom during the first or last ten minutes of class.

    School Rules:
    Each student in this classroom should follow all school rules. This includes rules about electronics, hats, cellphones, dress code, plagiarism, absences, etc.

    Consequences for Breaking School/Classroom Rules:
    1st Offence – Warning/teacher student conference – documented in student records
    2nd Offence – Notification of parent/guardian and teacher/department consequence
    3rd Offence – Conference/meeting with parent/guardian and ASD
    4th Offence – Administration referral will be written
    Severe Offences – Security will remove student from the classroom immediately.





    All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice, and bigotry. As members of the Higley High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation.