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    HHS: www.husd.org   CGCC (dual enrollment): http://www.cgc.maricopa.edu/ 

    Course Title:   

    Sossaman Middle School

    • Mandarin IA 
    • Mandarin IB

    Higley High School

    • Mandarin I
    • Honor Manarin II (Dual enrollment)
    • Honor Mandarin III (Dual enrollment )
    • Honor Mandarin IV (Dual enrollment )
    • AP Language and Culture (combined class)


    School Year: 2022-2023

    Location and time: Higley High School Period 2-4. Afternoons travel to Sossaman Middle School

    Instructor Name and Degrees: Ms. Panna Leatherby, M.A.; B.S.

    About the instructor: 

    Hi, My name is Panna Leatherby,  潘娜 in Chinese. My students usually call me 潘老 Pan Laoshi  I am originally from Baoji, China. I came to the United States in 2007 for my graduate studies at Iowa State University in Applied Linguistics. I joined Higley in 2015 after working seven years in Iowa. I am excited to work with our students to prepare them to be global learners. In my classroom, you will be coached to interact in Chinese with your teacher and classmates. 

    Educational Philosophy: Prepare students to be global leaders!

    Contact Information: panna leatherby@husd.org, 480-279-7453 (voicemail)
    Office Hours: By appointment due to travel schedule (HHS&SMS)
    Textbooks and editions:  

    Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 (Mandarin I&II)

    Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 2 (Mandarin III&IV)

    Integrated Chinese Level 2 Part 1 (Mandarin V&IV)

    Reallife Chinese Wesbite, https://reallifechinese-fae.com/ 

    Classroom Canvas Page: https://husd.instructure.com

    This Canvas site is to help you communicate with the instructor and classmates beyond the classroom. You can discuss homework or get help from peers. You will be guided to set up and log in after school starts.

    Materials:  Required –Pens/pencils, folders/binder, notebook, Tracing paper 

    Classroom wishlist: Kleenex, white board markers, tracing paper

    Course Description: The Mandarin Chinese courses are going to introduce you to both Chinese language and culture. We will learn the language through a lot of short skit performances and culture presentations. Chinese music, games, and food will also be introduced to help you understand the country and the language.  

    Attendance:  You are responsible for making up any missed assignments, notes, or assessments.  You will have one day per day you were gone to make up these items.  All long term assignments and tests must still be completed on time.   Attendance Policy Changes per School Board: A student will be considered absent from class if they enter the classroom more than ten minutes after the designated start time.  If the student has a valid reason to be late to class, it will be an excused absence. The absence will be considered unexcused if the student is late without being excused by the school administration or the parent signing in the child late.  If you would like to receive attendance updates throughout the day, you have the option to sign up in ParentVUE.

    Tardies:  If you arrive late with a pass (only allowed the first 10 minutes), please hand me your pass, take your seat and join in the class work.  Excessive tardies without an excused pass will result in disciplinary action.  On your 3rd day of class, you will serve after school detention (ASD).  Any further tardies will result in a referral to the administration.

    Grading: Please track your grades weekly on StudentVUE  (http://parentvue.husd.org/).

    Grading Scale

    89.5 - 100 % = A

    79.5 - 89.4 % = B

    69.5 – 79.4% = C

    59.5 - 69.4% = D

    50 - 59.4% = F

    Your SEMESTER GRADE will be calculated as follows:

    A detailed break down grade can be found on canvas page

    80%       Daily Work (classwork, homework, practice assignments) and

      Semester Assessments ( quizzes, tests, projects…things graded to measure how you can use or understand the content of each class)


    20% Final Exams (Includes components of Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening, Vocabulary, Grammar and Culture; and possible final projects)


    Participation:  Class participation and completion of practice assignments is mandatory.  You can only learn a second language by engaging in the communication and learning activities.  Your participation will be counted as a classroom assessment in terms of using Mandarin (such as speaking, writing, communication etc.)

    Assessments:  Assessments will include a wide variety of formats, both formative and summative.  You will complete assessments as we work on vocabulary, grammar, and culture information to help us gauge how you are doing with the content.  You will also have assessments that require you to interact with others, interpret various types of information, and present in a variety of contexts. 


    Retest/Redo Opportunities:  You are permitted to redo or retake assessments based on teacher discretion (excluding the final exams).  However, to retest/redo an assessment, you must first complete a “Request to Retest/Redo” form.   This form must be completed no later than 1 week after receiving your assessment back.  The request form will require you to complete and document 3 steps you took to prepare yourself to retest/redo an assessment.   The grade you get on the retake will be the score on a scale of 80% and be entered into the gradebook.  Additionally, in order to earn a retest/redo opportunity, you must have all your work in for the current unit.

    Late Work:   Complete your homework on time!  For excused absences and extenuating circumstances, you may still earn full credit.  Other reasons may cause you to lose points, subject to teacher discretion.  Generally, you may turn in late work only for the current unit.

    Class Outline and Calendar:  (Subject to change)

    Mandarin Chinese 1A 

    First Semester Topics and Lessons

    SecondSemester Topics and Lessons

    1. Student -Student introduction
    2. Teacher -Student introduction
    3. Offer to Eat
    4. Ordering Food
    5. Determine the Time
    6. Meeting your host Family
    7. Introduce yourself
    8. Meeting your host parents
    9. Getting to know your host family

    Lesson 1 Greeting 

    Lesson 2 Family

    Lesson 3 Dates

    Lesson 4 Hobbies

    Mandarin Chinese I & 1B (modifications made to Sossaman Middle School Mandarin IA)

    First Semester Topics and Lessons

    SecondSemester Topics and Lessons

    1. Meeting at the airport 1
    2. Meeting at the airport 2
    3. Leaving the airport
    4. Determine what to eat
    5. Determine the Time
    6. Meeting your host Family
    7. Introduce yourself
    8. Meeting your host parents
    9. Getting to know your host family

    Lesson 1 Greeting 

    Lesson 2 Family

    Lesson 3 Dates

    Lesson 4 Hobbies


    Honor Mandarin Chinese II (College Credit class available)

    First Semester Topics and Lessons

    SecondSemester Topics and Lessons

    1. Buying things at a small street Shop
    2. Asking for Directions
    3. Talking about hobbies and abilities
    4. Describing people and making comparisons
    5. Responding to Compliment
    6. Discussing Nationalities with a cab driver
    7. Asking age by using Chinese Zodiac
    8. Being a guest at a Chinese Dinner
    9. Dealing with big numbers

    Lesson 5 Visiting Friends

    Lesson 6 Making Appointment

    Lesson 7 Studying Chinese

    Lesson 8 School Life

    Lesson 9 Shopping

    Lesson 10 Weather(Flexible)


    Honor Mandarin Chinese III (College Credit class available)

    First Semester Topics and Lessons

    SecondSemester Topics and Lessons

    1. Ordering Food
    2. Making a phone call
    3. Talking about what you are doing
    4. Buying fruit on the street
    5. Buying a gift
    6. Asking which bus to take
    7. Responding to compliments
    8. Giving gifts
    9. Talking about leave
    1. Weather (Flexible)
    2. Dining 
    3. Asking directions
    4. Celebrating Birthday
    5. Seeing a doctor


    Honor Mandarin IV (College Credit class available)

    First Semester Topics and Lessons

    SecondSemester Topics and Lessons

    1. Take a picture together
    2. Responding to an invitation
    3. Politely declining an invitation
    4. Asking a friend to pick up something for you
    5. Getting a ride from a friend 1
    6. Getting a ride from a friend 2
    7. Expressing concern for someone
    8. Discussing what movies to watch
    9. Express opinions
    1. Dating
    2. Renting a place
    3. Sports
    4. Travel
    5. At the airport


    AP Chinese Language and Culture 


    First Semester Topics and Lessons

    SecondSemester Topics and Lessons

    1. 开天辟地神话
    2. 中国先人领袖
    3. 中国人世界观源头
    4. 大地和热口
    5. 气候和农业
    6. 春节
    7. 清明节和端午节
    8. 中秋节和重阳节
    9. 孔子
    10. 老师
    11. 孙子
    12. 汉字书法
    1. 中国画
    2. 瓷器
    3. 中医(理论篇)
    4. 中医(实践篇)
    5. 中国人住的地方
    6. 茶之趣
    7. 戏之趣
    8. 刺绣和剪纸
    9. 丝路和盛唐
    10. 帝国主义打进中国
    11. 向西方学习
    12. 海外华人

    General Disclaimers: Course content may vary from this outline to meet the needs of this particular group. The student is responsible for the information in the syllabus.  

    Equipment Use Policies: electronics may be used upon teacher’s permission  

    Classroom Procedures:  In order to assure a pleasant and productive learning environment, please adhere to the following procedures.

    1. Upon entering the classroom, please spit out any gum and put away any food and drinks.  You may drink only water during class time.
    2. Please minimize any need to leave the classroom during the hour.  If you must leave, make sure to get permission and sign out on the clipboard.  Leave your phone on my desk beside the clipboard.  Sign in when you return and pick up your phone.
    3. Always show respect to your classmates, teacher and classroom.
    4. Quickly give your quiet attention to Pan Laoshi whenever she raises her hand in the air.
    5. Stay organized by using a planner or electronic calendar to record your assignments, due dates, and exam dates.
    6. At the end of class, make sure you have put away your textbook and any materials to the appropriate locations.  Also straighten your desks and throw away any trash.


    Fire Drill:  Take your valuables, but leave everything else behind.  Stay with Pan Laoshi and make a single file line in the designated area.  Please DO NOT stray from your class to talk with friends.

    Lock Down:  Move quietly and quickly to the front wall of the room, out of sight from all windows.  DO NOT use your cell phone or electronics and make sure they are turned off!  DO NOT talk to anyone—it should be SILENT!

    Following School Policies: You are expected to follow the policies outlined in the HUSD Student Code of Conduct at all times.  When completing assignments and projects, you must follow all Acceptable Use Policies and Copyright Laws by citing your sources and avoiding any kind of plagiarism. If you are caught plagiarizing, you will lose credit for the assignment.  Redoing the assignment for credit will be at teacher discretion.



    Plagiarism is defined as presenting the work of another as one’s own. More than four consecutive words from a source other than the writer constitute plagiarism when the source is not clearly identified in appropriate documentation format.
    From the CGCC Student Handbook:
    “Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, the use of paraphrase or direct quotation, of the published or unpublished work of another person without full and clear acknowledgement. It also includes the unacknowledged use of materials prepared by another person or agency engaged in the selling of term papers or other academic materials.”


    Class Behavior: 

    • Use Chinese in class

    No one has ever learned Chinese by speaking English; take the advantage of learning from a native speaker!

    • Always show respect

    Treat everyone and everything with respect and there will never be any problems. Do not write on or damage school property. Do not take things that are not yours unless you have been given permission from the owner to do so. Be nice. Be nice. Be nice. 

    • Always be honest

    Don’t lie, don’t cheat. It is wrong and can lead to negative consequences. If you are suspected of academic dishonesty, or if you are caught using an electronic device for any reason during an assessment, you will simply be asked to retake the assessment or redo the assignment. 

    • Always come to class prepared and always work hard

    If you do this, you will succeed.  I expect full participation in all activities all the time. You may not sleep, read a book or work on assignments from other classes unless you are done with the activity of the moment AND completely caught up in the class. You are expected to work from the start of class until the bell. Do not pack up early. 

    Behavioral Action Plan:  

    You are in high school, and I will treat you as a young adult as you take responsibility for your actions.  However, if you choose to behave in an inappropriate manner, the following consequences may result.

    1. Private discussion.  You will explain what you did, why it was inappropriate and the steps you plan to take in order for the behavior to stop.  
    2. Parental contact and logical consequence
    3. Administrative involvement (Referral)


    At-home tips for parents to support student success:

    1. Check ParentVue periodically to keep up with your student grades.
    2. Look at your student’s notebook and homework calendar to see if he/she has stamps that indicate classwork and homework is being completed.
    3. Discuss concerns with your student and contact me for any reason. (panna.leatherby@husd.org ;

    480-279-7453…email preferred)

    • Make sure the student has daily, dedicated study and homework time. 


    *Please make sure to complete the Syllabus Acknowledgement Form on Pan Laoshi’s Teacher Page!*  


    Electronic Signature Required for 15 points classroom participation