• Types of Drills

    Visitors will not be able to access campus during any school drills. Students and staff are not to use cell phones or other communication devices and put them into silent or "off" mode.  Participates need to be paying attention to directions and practice actions that are needed to help keep them safe in the case of a an emergency.

    Shelter-In-Place: During a shelter-in-place, staff and students are preparing to go into a lockdown or are coming out of a lockdown. The area is secured. Instruction continues with restricted movement on campus. Visitors are not permitted on the property and all students must be accounted for at all times. Students are typically escorted to and from areas by a staff member.

    Lockdown: During a lockdown, individuals are to become “invisible.” Being silent, with no movement, and making the location appear that no one is there prevents an intruder’s attention being unnecessarily drawn to the area. It is tempting to want to be in touch with loved ones during an emergency, however, this puts them and those they are with at risk. 

    Evacuation: During an evacuation, it is imperative that students stay with the assigned school adult until the situation is resolved and they are returned to their school day schedule or are released to their parent/guardian.