• Drill Overview 

    The purpose of the drill is to replicate an emergency situation and help create “muscle memory.” It is imperative that students and staff respond in the way that they would during an actual event. This allows for any concerns to come to light in order to put appropriate measures in place to help support our students and staff.

    In running drills, school administration will not notify the public prior to the drill. Most often, very few staff know when a drill is scheduled. Depending on the type of drill, notification may take place after the objectives of the drill have been accomplished. For example, after a lockdown drill, parent notification could take place after the drill, or a notification may go out during an off-site evacuation once participants have assembled at the designated area. This is to ensure the preservation of an authentic response during the drill exercise. The authentic response allows us to see where adjustments might need to be made.

    Miscommunication and inaccurate information can cause panic and undue stress.