Williams Field High School

    Biology/Honors Biology

    Course Statement



    Teacher:  Mrs. Rustad                                     Phone:   480-279-8552

    E-mail:   Elizabeth.rustad@husd.org              Room:   245 

    Available after school – Tuesdays and Thursdays until 3:30, and by appointment 


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    Biology is a “minds-on” science class designed to provide a comprehensive survey of the life sciences, in which critical thinking skills are used to study living organisms.  Emphasis will be placed on exploring the connections that exist between science, technology and the world around us. Students will:

    • Apply the knowledge of major concepts in biology to analyze problems and evaluate given situations.
    • Use scientific methodology to collect and analyze data, solve problems, and communicate their findings.
    • Conduct scientific research inside and outside the classroom.




    1) Biochemistry & the Cell                                 6) Survey of Kingdoms

    2)  DNA                                                            7) Ecology

    3)  Genetics                                                       8) Environmental Science

    4) Change through Time                                             

    5) Classification                                                                           




    • 2 composition notebooks- 1 for each semester

    3) Pencil and pen

    4) scotch tape and /or glue sticks

    5) Colored pencils, markers & highlighter  













    Students will be expected to follow coursework online through CANVAS and to check their grade on STUDENTVUE as well. Instructions for parents to join both of these websites will be sent home shortly.


       100%-90%       =    A                                              
















    Grades will be calculated based on student test scores, quizzes, lab reports, homework, projects, and presentations.  Grades are based on cumulative points per quarter and the percentage of possible points awarded. Letter grades are based on the following percentages:                                         







     Tests, Quizzes, Labs



    & Projects




    Homework, Notebook




    Final Exam










    In accordance to the student handbook, students have a responsibility to demonstrate respect for other students, faculty, staff, community members and equipment. You must also abide by school rules and regulations in order to provide a safe and positive learning environment. Lying and Plagiarism/Cheating will be addressed by teacher and may result in administrative actions. Dress code will also be enforced.

    Consequences for disruptive behavior:

    1st   offense: warning to student

    2nd   offense: call to parent

    3rd   offense: After school detention/referral to office



    It is important to be present every day in class.  If you are absent, PLEASE have your parent or guardian call to excuse you. Your grade will reflect your attendance in this class. You must be in your seat prepared for class before the bell rings or you will be marked tardy. Tardiness is not tolerated; a student is considered tardy if they enter the classroom 10 minutes late. After 10 minutes the student is considered absent. If you are 10 minutes late to first period, you will be sent to sweep. A warning will be issued for the 1st and 2nd tardy.  The 3rd tardiness will result in a phone call to the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) and will be subject to referral to administration and discipline.




    • It is the student’s responsibility to obtain missed work. 
    • If a student missed an assessment they must schedule a time before or after school within one week of absence to make it up. There are NO RETAKES or TEST CORRECTIONS.
    • Late assignments will NOT be ACCEPTED! Projects and Lab Reports can be turned in within one week for half credit. If the student has an excused absence they have the same number of days as excused to make up work for full credit, otherwise assignments turned in after will receive a ZERO. Time extensions can be given on a case-by-case basis with suitable justification.









    This is a laboratory course which you will be required to handle specimens and chemicals.  For your safety, food and drinks are not permitted in class.  Bottled water is permitted. Closed-toed shoes are required during any laboratory experiments.  Any unsafe behavior in the lab is cause for immediate dismissal from all lab activities and referral to the administration for further action.

    Food and Drink is prohibited from the science lab. Water is the only allowable item – any other item will be confiscated and thrown away.




    Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed for personal reasons during class time.

    1st offense: Phone or device is confiscated by teacher and turned into the office. Student received behavior contract and phone returned at the end of the day.

    2nd offense: Phone or device is confiscated by teacher and sent to the office. Referral is written and student will serve one day of lunch detention.

    3rd offense: Phone or device is confiscated by teacher and sent to the office Referral is written and parent must pick up phone, student must meet with administration. Students is assigned one day of Saturday school or In School Suspension.

    4th offense: Phone or device is confiscated by teacher and sent to the office. Referral is written and parent must pick up phone. Students will be suspended off campus for 2 days.

    Due to the layout of the science classroom, students will have an assigned location to place their phone during class. It will be built into the daily procedures for them to be placed there at the beginning of class and then picked up on the way out of class. If a student does not have a phone or doesn’t have it one on a particular day, they must let me know at the beginning of class. If a student has a cellphone out during class it will be taken and turned into the office for pickup.


    Learning should be a fun and positive experience.  Student: you are expected to make an honest effort, achieve to the best of their ability and maintain a positive attitude.  Please let me know what I can do to facilitate your success in Biology.  Parents and guardians, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your child or the course.  Together we can make this an exciting year, as we explore how biology governs the world in which we live.


    As the student, you are responsible for reading and understanding all of the information included in this handout.  Keep this copy in your notebook for reference.