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    Course Credits

    One-half high school math credit per semester is received for passing grades. This class is a Dual-enrollment course. (Credit is optional for an additional fee through Chandler Gilbert Community College,)



    Course Description

    Honors Precalculus provides an advanced treatment of functions with a strong emphasis on trigonometry. Additional topics include sequences and series, vectors, conics and limits. This course is intended to prepare students for AP or college Calculus. An emphasis in this course will be on learning mathematics from four related perspectives: numerical, analytical, graphical and verbal. A graphing calculator is strongly recommended and a necessity for students enrolled in this course. 



    MCCCD Official Course Competencies MAT187


    1. Find real and complex zeros of polynomial functions.
    2. Calculate and interpret average rate of change.
    3. Determine the inverse of a relation when represented numerically, analytically, or graphically.
    4. Analyze and interpret the behavior of functions, including domain and range, end behavior, increasing and decreasing intervals, extrema, asymptotic behavior, and symmetry.
    5. Determine whether a function is one-to-one when represented numerically, analytically, or graphically.
    6. Determine whether a relation is a function when represented numerically, analytically, or graphically.
    7. Graph polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, power, absolute value, piecewise defined, and trigonometric functions.
    8. Perform operations, including compositions, on functions and state the domain of the resulting function.
    9. Solve polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric equations analytically and graphically.
    10. Use transformations to graph functions.
    11. Communicate process and results in written and verbal format.
    12. Compare alternative solution strategies.
    13. Justify and interpret solutions to application problems.
    14. Model and solve real-world problems.
    15. Read and interpret quantitative information when presented numerically, analytically, or graphically.
    16. Find and evaluate inverse trigonometric functions.
    17. Use the definition and properties of trigonometric functions and formulas to solve application problems.
    18. Verify trigonometric identities.



    Recommended Materials

    Text – Glencoe PRECALCULUS, McGraw-Hill Education.

    Calculator – Graphing calculator is essential in this course. Recommended calculators are: TI-83 or TI-84. Students should bring a calculator to class every day and should not expect calculators to be provided during class, or for testing. Cell phone calculators are not allowed during testing.

    INB (Interactive Notebook) – It is a daily expectation that students have their INB when they come to class, with a section dedicated for Honors Precalculus. Students are required to take comprehensive notes, create a table of contents, and maintain an organized notebook for class. Your notes will be your study guide for assessments.


    Pencils, highlighters, pens, erasers.


    Resources for this class will be posted on Canvas and include lessons and homework assignments.


    Homework, quizzes, and tests


    Assignments will be given daily, and students are expected to complete the work, grade it the next day with the class, and ask questions. The purpose of class work and homework is to ensure understanding.  Your grade in this class is based on your understanding of the standards taught in the course, through a variety of assessments. Homework will be collected at random and included in the grade.  Late homework will be accepted for half credit until the unit assessment.  Homework quizzes will be given randomly and included in the grade.

    Quizzes and/or practice quizzes will be given throughout each unit and can be announced or unannounced.  The purpose of these quizzes is to help students master the course competencies.  Students are expected to keep and correct all quizzes.  Corrections are to be stapled to the front of each quiz.  All corrected quizzes in each unit are due on the day of the end of unit test. Corrections will be counted in the grade.  Deductions will be made for late corrections.

    Tests will be given at least once during each unit.  Test corrections for each unit are required and due at the end of each quarter.  Corrections are to be stapled to the front of each test.  Corrections will be counted in the grade. Deductions will be made for late corrections.

    There will be a cumulative quarter exam midway through each semester that will count as a test grade and serve as the one and only RETAKE for tests given during that semester.  The quarter exam score will count as the last test score of the quarter and replace the lowest test score of the quarter if higher, as long as the student completed at least 50% of the homework for that particular unit prior to the original unit test. The Midterm will not replace test scores in any unit where less than 50% of the homework was completed prior to the unit test. Grade replacement with the midterm applies to quarters one and three only. 

    Attendance and Make-ups


    • Attendance is this class is mandatory for your success.  If you miss a day, you will miss information that will make the material easier for you to understand.
    • School related absences do not excuse you from quizzes or tests. Please turn in assignments prior to the absence. You are expected to notify me in advance if you will be missing any assessment due to a school related absence, and schedule time to take the assessment prior to your absence.  Failure to do so may result in a reduced assessment grade.
    • If you are absent on the day of an assessment, you will be expected to it take it during class the day you return, unless you have made other arrangements with me in advance.
    • If you are absent the day before a scheduled test, you will still be expected to take the test on the scheduled day.
    • If you have an unexcused absence on the day of an assessment, you may receive a zero on the assessment.




    • Please arrive at class on time. 
    • Please do not bring food or drinks except water into our classroom.
    • Please refrain from chewing gum in our classroom.
    • Please do the homework for this class daily and attempt all problems.  It will help you.
    • If you miss class for any reason, please use online resources on Canvas to stay caught up.
    • Please pick up worksheets you may have missed upon your return.
    • You are accountable for your own performance in this class.  Please take ownership.


    Academic Honesty


    Academic honesty is expected of all students.  Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to: communication with other students during a test, using notes on test, repeatedly missing class on assessment day, using a cell phone while testing.

    Cell phones will be collected as a routine practice during class. Students should use the restroom before class and will not be excused to use the restroom during testing.

    Any behavior that affects the integrity of the test or quiz will result in a grade of zero. In addition to the policies and procedures stated above, all school policies and the code of conduct will be enforced.

    Cell Phone / Behavior Policy

    When you enter class, you are expected to place your cell phone into the storage container for your group. You can retrieve your phone at my direction or the end of the class period.  The teacher is not responsible for cell phones that are left behind.

    All school rules outlined in the student handbook as they pertain to electronics, dress code, food and drink, language, and behavior will be strongly enforced in this class.  Students who do not adhere to the school rules, classroom expectations or interrupt the educational process will first be given a verbal warning, then be assigned ASD, and finally receive a referral to administration.

    Tardy Policy

    If you are tardy to class, your entrance is disruptive to the learning process, and you miss information necessary for your success. After three tardies, students will be given after school detention. 




    All grades are updated weekly on Synergy. The best way for parents to reach me is by email.  Canvas has additional information, including class notes or links to content information, a calendar of homework assignments, and helpful websites for student success.






    District Policies



    Definition: An absence is defined as a student’s non-attendance in the student’s assigned classroom during an assigned period. The difference between an excused absence and an unexcused absence is parents have followed procedures to excuse a student by calling the attendance line. However, the accumulation of excused and unexcused occurrences will result in potential consequences. ALL absences accrue towards the limit of 10 per semester. HUSD has implemented a limit of ten absences per semester. If the student acquires ten or more absences during the semester, the student will lose credit in those classes. To earn credit while auditing a class, the student must submit an appeal to administration, attend all classes and complete all assignments after the appeal is presented, and pass the semester final exam with a minimum of 75%. Subsequent appeals can be appealed to the School Board.


     All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry. As members of the Higley High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation.

    Office Hours


    My office hours Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays during 8th hour. Please let me know if you are coming in after school so I can advise you of any conflicts.  Office hours are subject to change based on faculty meetings, parent meetings, or personal obligations.


    Quizzes, Tests, Homework Quizzes, Homework: 80% of the semester grade.

    Final exam: 20% of the semester grade.

    Grading scale: 100-90% = A,     89-80% = B,     79-70% = C,     69-60% = D,     below 60% = F

    I reserve the right to change the scale for any grade based on class statistics.

    Everything in this syllabus is subject to change.


    Acknowledgement of Acceptance of the Course Syllabus


    Please acknowledge that you have read all sections of the document entitled Honors Precalculus 2019/20 and agree to abide by all components and statements written therein by completing this google doc: