• English 10 Honors

    Syllabus and Course Information

    Williams Field High School 2019-2020

    Instructor: Katy Dodd/ Katie Inman

    Room Number: 226

    Office Hours:   2:15 pm -2:50 pm; M, W-Th


    Course Description

    This course will include the study of short stories, poetry, drama, nonfiction, and the novel.  Basic composition skills will emphasize sentence and paragraph structure along with the writing of various types of essays.  This course will focus on the relationship between developing an appreciation and interest in reading literature, formulating and expressing opinions in literary analysis writing, and understanding how themes in literature illustrate our past and help direct our future.  We will work to make meaningful connections and extend understanding beyond the text.  In addition, we will focus on further developing your ability to formulate opinions more clearly and logically and expressing these thoughts in writing.  You will be challenged to increase your own personal skills.  You will be encouraged to express both verbally and in writing your opinions in an effort to become a more critical reader and sophisticated writer.  You will complete a variety of writing assignments, along with various other projects throughout the year.  These skills will help you do well in any course, as well as be successful in life.

    Standards Covered by Course (http:/ /www.azed.gov/standards-practices/k-12standards/english-language-arts-standards/)

    Welcome to English 10 Honors! The Higley Unified School District utilizes Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards. This shift in standards is focused on challenging students by increasing course rigor and creating a curriculum that focuses on student-based learning and discovery. Any student who can learn how to identify questions, seek answers to those questions through a variety of resources, and apply such self-discovered knowledge will be better equipped to meet the ever-growing competitiveness of higher education and the work force.



    Appreciated Teacher Supplies

    Required Student Supplies

        a box of tissues

        a ream of copy paper - colored

        dry erase markers

        hand sanitizer

        Post-it Notes

        Glue sticks

        Binder (any color or size)

        Assortment of dividers (any kind)

        Highlighters and colored pens


        Post-it Notes



    Your grades will be figured using a weighted system.  Your grade will be based on classwork, assessments (quizzes, tests, Socratic Seminars, writing assignments, etc.), vocabulary, grammar, as well as district reading and writing finals.  You may access your grades online at any time outside class.  Grades will be updated weekly.    


    Grade Scale










    59% or below



    Grade Weighting



















    In 2017, Higley Unified School District adopted new textbooks from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt which will now be utilized.  Each student will be provided with a personal copy of a Close Reader for annotation purposes and access to a digital copy of the actual textbook.  It is the responsibility of the student to bring their Close Reader to class every day.  Over the course of the year, students will also be asked to read a selection of novels.  Each student will be given a variety of titles thematically tied to each unit to choose from and must obtain parental consent before reading begins.  It is HIGHLY recommended that students obtain personal copies of the novels.  This will allow students to annotate appropriately as they read.  E-reader copies are not allowed.  (Please note that the school does possess copies for students who opt not to purchase a personal copy.)


    Attendance/Make-Up Work

    Regular attendance is very important to this course.  Only if your absence is excused will you be given time to make up work.  It is YOUR responsibility to find out what work you have missed during your excused absence.  Check my Teacher Page/Canvas for activities missed while you were gone and/or for assignments and homework.   After the mandatory one day for each absence, any missing work will receive a grade of zero.


    Late Work

    No late work will be accepted during the 2019-2020 school year. All assignments will have a specified due date. Students who attempt to turn in their work after the specified due date will not receive any credit and a 0 will be entered into the gradebook. Students are, however, given two homework passes per semester that they can use to turn an assignment in late.


    Tardy Policy

    Students are expected to arrive to class on time each day.  Habitual tardiness will result in referrals at the 3rd, 5th, and 7th tardy.  Upon receiving a referral, students will be assigned Saturday School on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.


    Canvas/Microsoft Office 365

    This class will utilize both Canvas and Microsoft Office 365 this year.  These online classroom platforms will allow students to submit work electronically, collaborate with their peers more effectively, and prepare them for the demands of a digital education.  Through Microsoft Office, students will be provided with a unique email address, a OneDrive for file storage, and a ClassNotebook.  More information will be provided as needed.  Students will use their Microsoft 365 accounts within these learning systems.



    Plagiarism is a serious offence!  You are each expected to earn your own grade, and to accomplish this, you must do your own work.  All students caught exchanging papers in the classroom will receive zero credit for the assignment.  Parents may be called, and administration may be notified.  Additionally, if it is discovered that work was copied from the internet or other source, a zero will be given for the assignment, and parents and administration will be notified.  DO YOUR OWN WORK.  Williams Field High School utilizes Turnitin.com in an effort to prevent plagiarism.  Instructions on how to use this site will be given when needed. 


    Class Participation

    Participation is required in this class for it to be of benefit to everyone.  Students who read aloud, actively participate in class activities and discussions, share their work, and contribute in a positive way to the class environment will receive positive consideration toward marginal grades.  It is expected that you will respect the opinions and property of each of your classmates. 


    Class Rules

    In addition to the rules outlined in the Student Handbook/Code of Conduct, class rules are as follows.

    1. Respect for each other’s ideas, opinions, thoughts, and property are required in the classroom at all time.
    1. Come to class on time, prepared to learn and participate each and every day; this includes bringing all necessary materials and assignments.
    1. You should be working on your Bell Work by the time the tardy bell rings.  Do not wait for me to remind you to begin.
    1. No cell phones allowed in class unless being used for classwork.  Cell phones should be placed in their designated spot.  I have created a charging station for student use.  😊
    1. No sleeping in class.
    1. No food or drink (except water) in the classroom.
    1. You must procure a lunch pass if you wish to see me during lunch time, so I know to expect you.


    Behavior Plan

    It is important that school and classroom rules are adhered to at all times.  In the event that a student has difficultly following classrooms rules, a verbal warning will be given.  Should the behavior continue after the verbal warning has been issued, a parent will be contacted regarding the issue.  If the behavior persists after parent notification of the issue, a written referral will be sent to administrators.  There are certain behaviors, such as threatening and violent behavior, that will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the classroom.

    Diversity Statement

    All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry.  As members of the Williams Field High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation. 



    Keeping Up

    You are expected to maintain your own homework calendar and stay up to date with assignments and deadlines.  Your performance will be assessed in many ways.  You will have projects, class discussions, presentations, individual and group work for your binders, seminars, exams, quizzes, homework, essays, research projects, and other authentic assessments.  At any time, you or your parents/guardians can check your grades online.  Please phone or email me if you or your parents/guardians have any questions or concerns.  It is more difficult to reach me by phone, so email is the best point of contact.  Thanks, and I look forward to having an outstanding and challenging year with all of you!!

    For the Parents

    In an effort to help your child be more successful in class and as a part of our WFHS school community, I would like you to use the following parent tools:

    • E-Alerts: Our school sends out automated email alerts for various school functions like dances, athletics, testing dates, yearbook sales, etc., but you must be on the list to receive them. To register go to husd.org > click on the silver “parents” link under the orange bar under the photos > click on the E-Alert link > fill out the form.
    • ParentVUE: Our schools use a software program called Synergy, which compiles student grades, attendance, transcripts, and contact information. Teachers may include digital documents, classroom assignments, points and percentages, and individual feedback and comments. To register get an activation code from the front office (480) 279-8000 > go to the same “parents” link as above > click on the ParentVUE image button in the center of the page > click on the “I am a parent” link > Click on “I have an activation key and need to create my account” > read the privacy statement and hopefully click “I Accept” > Fill out the fields (fname, lname, and activation code) > Fill out the fields for Username, Password, and email > You should now see your child’s account information > at the top are two tabs, click on the My Account tab > here you can change your password, add additional email addresses, and choose to get email updates for attendance issues and notification for grade postings.
    • Teacher Websites: All teachers in our district have their own teacher website. These pages will include digital versions of important documents for the class. To view a teacher’s website go to husd.org > click on the “Schools” link in the orange bar > choose the school > find the teacher by last name.  Please note that parents also have access to Canvas, which will have much more information related to daily activities, calendars, assignments, etc.  You can access Canvas through the Teacher Page.

    You can also assist your student in my classroom in the following ways:

    • Engage your child in discussion about world and national events. Ask your child to share his/her opinions and require justification of those opinions.
    • Encourage your student to read outside of the classroom. Better yet, let your student see you read, as well!


    Mrs. Katy Dodd

    English Department

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