• AS English, AS Math, AS Science Syllabus

    With your cooperation, our classrooms will be a place full of positivity, opportunity and where we all learn something new every day.  There are classroom standards that must be met daily in order for each of us to excel. Please read and review the guidelines below and sign the attached contract stating that you are going to be an active participant in your education.

    Classroom Standards

    Be here – You will learn more if you are at school on a regular basis.

    Be on time – Every minute is accounted for and your late arrival hurts you and disrupts others.

    Be prepared – Come to class each day with your required materials.

    Be pleasant – Each person is expected to demonstrate self-control and show respect for every member of our class and property.

    Follow procedures – You will soon learn our class procedures for various daily activities.

    Do your best - Everyone has strengths, weaknesses and different abilities.  We ask you to do your best each and every day so you can grow as a student!

    Attentive listening, raising your hand, and appropriate language are required at all times.


    Please ensure that you call your student in at the attendance office as well as let transportation know if necessary. Mrs. Woodard, our attendance clerk, appreciates you cooperation!


    Homework will not come home regularly but we encourage you to check our students backpack about once a week.  We will send home communications regarding field trips, Unified Sports, Best Buddies, and other upcoming events.  We will also email home if there are pressing homework items or if there are events coming up. 


    High school is an exciting time for students and we give our best effort to provide your students with the full experience. We attend events such as Homecoming and Prom with our students and intend on adding many more opportunities this year.  Our students truly enjoy these activities and look forward to them throughout the year. 

    Unified Sports provides the opportunity for students to participate in an AIA sanctioned sport.  This includes flag football, soccer, track, and basketball. Students need a sports physical to participate. We encourage all of our students to get involved!

    Best Buddies is our buddy program that will run events once a month to facilitate friendship and social growth.  A calendar will be sent home outlining events and opportunities to spend time with friends!

    Communications Syllabus

    This course is offered to students on IEPs and is specifically designed to assist in the development of personal responsibility and positive study/work habits.  We will be following a strict daily schedule in order to ensure that your student is managing and taking control of their educational process. As students advance through the school year, support will taper off in order to place more responsibility on your students. This will be communicated to you and the daily schedule will be adjusted as necessary.  

    I want to make it very clear, this class is not a study hall.  While we will spend time on work completion, students will become more and more individually responsible for completing their work.  This class alone would not be enough time for them to complete all of their homework and will still have work to take home each night.

    Weekly points will be placed in the grade book as follows: 

    • 50 points for Participation (10 points per day)

    Removal from Course

    • Students have 10 documented dates of any of the following will be removed from the course. Documentation will be taken by the teacher on an individual student log.  
      • Inappropriate cell phone use
      • Non-compliance or behaviors that disrupt the learning environment
      • Nothing to work on (meaning they do not have a book to read, classwork to complete or refuse to work on assigned items)
    • Parents will be notified via email or phone call on the 5th and 9th infraction. 
    • Any violations of school policy during class will be handled per school guidelines 

    Expectations of Parents:

    Your student will be emailing you what they are working on, what assignments they have, what assessments they have coming up, etc. as well as attaching you on emails they send to their teachers.  Please check your email so you can remain informed and assist in your student's success. 

    Supplies Needed:

    • Working email address for the student
    • Working email address for the parent

    Thank you and I am looking forward to a productive year with your student!


    -Ms. Kristin Koke