• For the next four days, you will be working in small groups  to perform a 5 minute SNL-like sketch comedy. Your sketch will be based on the hilarious thespian troupe scenes. Examples are included below and so are the guidelines. Please review eveything. 


    5 minutes

    6 people per group

    Mix genders within your groups

    Create a SNL-like sketch that pokes fun at actors and technicians as well as one that explores facets of high school culture that you could turn into a laughable moment.

    Incorporate transition music


    Monday: Make a physical list of 10 topics from high school your group could perform

    Tuesday: Create a physical outline of the order of your sketch and begin rehearsing

    Wednesday: Rehearse

    Thursday: Rehearse

    Friday: Performances 


    Sketch Guidelines

    YouTube Link with Cameron Diaz - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMgXzuz5Ecs