• What you need to know about scholarships

    "It always seems impossible until it's done." ~ Nelson Mandela

     Freshman Merit Scholarship Estimator
    Enter your GPA, class rank, ACT and/or SAT scores.  This estimator will determine the amount of scholarship money that you may be eligible to receive. The actual scholarship award will be based on your official academic credentials after your admission.
    Arizona State University
    University of Arizona  
    Northern Arizona University
    Maricopa Community Colleges 

    Private Scholarship Search Sites:

    There are thousands of scholarships for various amounts and criteria.

    Tip: Create one professionally named email account for all your scholarships to avoid overload in your regular email account. 

    Make sure to always go directly to the source. These websites are search engines that give you a lead, but you need to confirm the details from the direct source.

    College & Career Office Favorites:

    ASU Scholarship Search Engine  (by ASU but not necessary ASU specific)

    Scholarship Database

    USA Today's 10 Best Scholarship Search Sites

    Scholarship America



    OppU Achievers Scholarships: The scholarship provides $2,500 for current or future education costs. Scholarship selections are made four times a year. 

    BBB Ethical Torch Scholarship Open to 9th-12th Graders in AZ.

    Cappex Search engine matching students to scholarships

    Niche Search engine that matches you with scholarship opportunities

    Specific Scholarships:

    American Indian College Fund

    Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarships

    APIA Open to Asian and Pacific Islander American students

    Cooke Foundation Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarships are for those who are high achievers with financial need

    Hispanic Scholarship Fund

    Maricopa Community College Specific to major and career field

    Ron Brown Scholarships Scholarships available to African American seniors

    Mike Rowe Work Ethic Scholarship

    UNCFGolden Door Scholarship

    More Scholarship Search Sites:

    *This is not a conclusive list of all scholarship, just ones that the career center has been notified about. The list does not endorse any one scholarship, it is your responsibility to research eligibility and apply.

    HUSD Students or Gilbert students only:

    AZCIS Arizona Career Information System

    Ken Vandehei Memorial Scholarship Spring of 2020

    College & Career Ready Scholarship (Higley Achievement Foundation) 

    HEA Scholarship eligible for students who want to become a licensed teacher. Opens Spring of 2020

    Cameron Kay Scholarship opens in Spring of 2020

    Local Scholarship:

    Gilbert Chamber of Commerce with Partners in Progress

    Neely Foundation Scholarship 

    Community College Scholarships for Arizona Residents

    Chinese American Citizens Alliance Phoenix Lodge - Opening Spring of 2020 to graduating high school seniors of Chinese descent

    GFWC- Desert Jade Woman's Club - Opening Spring of 2020 to graduating high school seniors of Chinese descent.

    Desert Financial Credit Union- Community Service Scholarship opens Jan. 2020- March 1st, 202

    Arizona Society of CPAs- Students who want to become CPAs

    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.- Eligibility: African American/ Black heritage or decent, GPA 3.0

    Mahnah Club Scholarship

    Full Ride Scholarship Opportunities:

    Quest Bridge

    Founded in 1994, QuestBridge is a national nonprofit based in Palo Alto, California that connects the nation’s most exceptional, low-income youth with leading colleges and opportunities. By working with these students — beginning in high school through college to their first job —QuestBridge aims to increase the percentage of talented low-income students attending the nation’s best colleges and to support them to achieve success in their careers and communities. 

    Flinn Scholar

    The Flinn Scholarship Program provides an unparalleled package for undergraduate study at an Arizona public university for approximately 20 of Arizona’s highest-achieving high school seniors each year.

    The merit-based scholarship program, now 33 classes strong, covers the cost of tuition, fees, housing and meals and at least two study-abroad experiences. The overall financial package is valued at more than $120,000.

    JUNIORS ONLYCalvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation
    The Coolidge Scholarship is an annually awarded, full-ride, presidential scholarship that covers a student’s tuition, room, board, and expenses for four years of undergraduate study. This one-of-a-kind scholarship may be used at any accredited college or university in the U.S.
    Not College Specific (National):

    Horatio Alger Scholarship- high school graduation in spring/ summer, critical financial need (gross family income lower than $55,000) Open August-October

    Dorrance Scholarship- need based scholarship Arizona students first generation college students- Deadline Feb. 6th 2019

    Earn to Learn- If you qualify, save $500 and earn $4,000 towards college.

    General Scholarship offered through Lakeview Health

    College Specific:

    Seattle University's Sullivan Leadership Award GPA 3.7 or higher

    University of Dayton Leadership in Service

    Watch Out for Suspicious Offers

    To avoid the lure of suspicious scholarship offers, experts recommend starting early by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). They also suggest keeping a close eye on free scholarship offers.

    You should:

    • Think before you pay. Exhaust all free methods of obtaining financial aid before enrolling in a service that charges a fee. If you still believe you must pay to enroll in a search service, check it out to make sure you will get the results you expect.
    • Consider the source. Some sources look official but are not. Some commercial websites charge more than $50 to fill out the FAFSA. You can file the FAFSA for free.
    • Seek help. High school counselors and financial aid advisors know the tricks of the trade and usually can determine which services are legitimate.
    • Give feedback and report any suspicious companies to the Better Business Bureau.