7th Grade Social Studies Class Syllabus

    Teacher: Ms. Hughes

    Email: Rachelle.Hughes@husd.org

    Class phone: (480) 279-8300

    Office hours: Monday through Friday by appointment

    Course Description

    Seventh grade Social Studies is a World history course that combines elements and subjects from the 1600s through the present-day world. Starting with the Scientific Revolution and moving through events that continue to shape our world today, the course will prove to be extremely relevant for the overall development of academic skills.

    Overall Objectives for the Course

    The main objective of this course is to do your best and to work towards earning a grade you are proud of. During this process, it is also an objective for you to learn some very cool and exciting information about our world and how it came to be the way it is today!

    Virtual Behavioral Expectations for Students

    Students at all levels are now engaging in virtual class sessions on Teams. To ensure a positive and productive learning environment during these sessions, it is important that all students adhere to the following behavior expectations:

    • Login credentials must not be shared. Sharing of login information violates other students’ and teachers’ rights to confidentiality and could allow class participation by unauthorized persons and/or lead to disruptive behaviors that detract from a productive and positive learning environment.
    • Students who are disruptive, displaying inappropriate behaviors, and/or “trespass” virtual sessions will receive appropriate consequences in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Consequences may result in communication with parents/guardians, administrative consequences, and/or temporary or permanent loss of technology access, which would prevent the student from participating in virtual sessions. Students receiving this consequence would have assignments provided to the student’s parent/guardian.

    To assure confidentiality for students and teachers during distance learning, all parents/guardians are asked to follow the following privacy guidelines:

    • Virtual classes are designed for students. To prevent disruptions to the learning environment, parents/guardians may observe classes, however, they should not actively participate in sessions. Parents/guardians may assist their child with technology and/or remain nearby.
    • Do not video record, audio record, photograph, live stream, or transmit in any other way any part of a virtual class, including not posting on any social media platform.
    • Any confidential or personally identifiable information related to students participating during virtual classes should not be collected, discussed or shared.
    • Parents/guardians should not engage with students during virtual classes. If you need to speak with your child during a session, first mute your child’s microphone.


    Required Materials

    -Flash Drive

    -Earbuds w/cord to plug into a computer

    -Three-ring binder (Needs to be at least 1 inch and have pockets)



    -Notebook paper

    -Spiral notebook (college ruled)

    -Ink pens (No neon or light colors)

    -Highlighters (Blue, Pink, and Yellow)

    -Pencils -Colored Pencils

    -Any other office/sanitizer supplies you feel necessary to accommodate your needs (tissues, pencil sharpener, white-out, etc.)

    Classroom Expectations

    1. Be responsible and productive students.
    2. Let me teach you, don’t talk out of turn.
    3. Follow all rules and procedures.
    4. Do the right thing

    Classroom Procedures


    • Bring all materials to class every day.


    • Students will be assessed formally or informally every day either through a quiz or assignment.


    • Students will not have homework. If classwork is unfinished it will then be turned into homework and be due the following day unless directed otherwise.
    • Projects will be chunked into a smaller portion or like a checklist.


    Pyramid of Expectation and the different levels of consequences



    1st-time offense= warning

    2nd-time offense= parent contact

    3rd-time offense= referral to an administrator

    Make-Up/Late Work Policies

    It is the student’s responsibility to get any makeup work. If you are absent, expect to have make-up work. Students should be able to find all notes, assignments, and tests on Canvas. If a student is absent, they will be given 1 extra day for each day they were absent to complete all their missing work including notes, assignments, and tests after coming back to school.

    Late work: Students will be expected to complete any late up work up to the week after a learning unit ends. Example: missing assignment from the Scientific Revolution can be turned in the first week of the American Revolution. If anything is turned in past the learning unit deadline it will not be graded.

    Test Retakes and Test Corrections

    All students are expected to give their best effort on all tests and quizzes. Failing to do so will result in them needing to either retest or complete test corrections. If a student receives a 69% or lower, they are eligible to retake a test. If a student has an 89% or lower, they are eligible for test corrections. They will only be allowed 1 retake or test correction and the highest grade will be taken.

    Honor Code

    I have a Zero Cheating Policy. Cheating also includes plagiarism. Do not ever try to copy and paste someone else’s work as your own. If I suspect cheating of ANY kind, students will be given an automatic zero in the grade book, and email home and a meeting with parent and student will be made. Academic dishonesty is not tolerated.

    Disabilities and Allergies

    If you have any food allergies or a disability that requires accommodation, please advise me immediately (physical, 504, or IEP).

    *Ms. Hughes has the authority to change anything on this syllabus at any time.


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