• It’s my pleasure to have your son/daughter in my classroom this year.  I have many exciting things planned for the new school year.  Below you will find a copy of the rules for the classroom. 
    Student's behavior will be monitored on a vertical "rainbow" chart. The students will begin each day on green and will be responsible for moving their clips up the chart for positive recognition or down the chart when opportunities for improvement arise. I believe in positive discipline and letting students know when they are making good choices, instead of constantly pointing out negative behaviors. When students are making good choices, being respectful to their teacher and to other students, and being a good learner, they will have an opportunity to clip up during the day. If they reach the very top of the clip chart, they will receive a panther pride, contribute to class behavior points, or earn a prize from the treasure box. If students continue to make poor choices, they will clip down. The wonderful thing about this method is if they do clip down, they can still have the opportunity to clip up and turn things around. 
    I will mark the calendar in the front of each students binder at the end of the day depending on which color they are on. This way, parents can see for themselves which color their students are on each day. Below are the colors for the day:
    PINK = Outstanding Day!
    PURPLE = Great Day
    BLUE = Good Job
    GREEN = Ready To Learn =
    YELLOW = Think About It
    ORANGE = Teacher's Choice (reflection letter sent home to be signed by parent)
    RED = Parent Contact/Talk with Principal