• How Food Waste Affects the World

    We've been talking about how food waste is bad for the world, but what really happens when you throw away good food? 

     City When food waste ends up in the landfills, it produces lots of methane, which is a greenhouse gas, more powerful than Carbon Dioxide. When you waste food, you're also wasting freshwater, which is not good for the environment. Almost a quarter of freshwater is used for agriculture, and is therefore wasted when food is thrown away. 


    Next time you throw away your food, here are some things to think about:

    Could someone else have eaten this food if it weren't being thrown away? Could this be composted? Could you save this food and eat it later? If the answer to any of these questions were 'yes' then don't toss it! You could use it to start composting, save it and eat it later, or just give it to someone else!

     How can you help?

    Just by refridgerating you food instead of tossing it out, or using it as compost, you're already helping! Sometimes it is necessary to throw out food, but not always! You should always remember that there are people who aren't fortunate enough to have good food, so be conservative with what you throw out!