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       About 40% of food supply in lunchrooms all over are wasted! We have been trying to reduce that number however, when buying meals at Bridges, students must buy fruits and vegetables even if they don't plan on eating them. So we've started a system of composting our extra food to act as fertilizer for our school garden. We've composted an average of 47.8 pounds a day, meaning that in 4 days, we compost an average of 191.2 pounds. 


    Most Food Wasted

    The most fruits wasted are:    kids with compost                         

    • blueberries
    • grapes
    • peaches
    • oranges
    • bananas
    • apples and applesauce


    The most vegetables wasted are:

    • carrots
    • corn
    • celery 
    • cucumbers
    • lettuce