• Composting

         Most people don't Know that wasted food is compostable. About 218 Billion dollars was wasted on food that was thrown away. Reaching out to the community people waste an Gardening and composting outstanding amount of food. About thirty percent of thrown away trash can be composted. Reaching across America ninety percent of kids in schools buy lunch. So that would cause a little more then 1 billion dollars wasted on food, and what we trying to do, as a school,is to eliminate food waste. How do I compost? 



    What percentage of food could be composted, but is thrown away?

    Only 5.3 percent of our food is composted, which means 94.7 food that could be composted is thrown out...

    What percentage of kids buy school lunch?

         About 90 percent of kids in America buy schoolLunch and kids throw away thier leftover food. Which means about 1.2 billion dollars in wasted food!

    Average compost per day...

     About 47.8 pounds!