• Community Connections

    Bongiorno Bagels


    Bongiorno Bagels 

      Bongiorno Bagels has decided to take their leftover food and transfer it to the churches. Bongiorno Bagels was founded by John Bongiorno and Ed Cancro. The bagel shop is new to the Gilbert area.  We are delighted they have agreed to this. (Website is bongiornobagels.com)

    St. Stevens and St. Vincent DePaul     

      St. Steves and St. Vincent DePaul are churches who have decided to partner with Bongiorno Bagels and us. They are taking the excess food from the restaurant and are serving dinner to the less fortunate. We are grateful for them and their help. (Websites are www.ststephens.org and www.stvincentdepaul.net)


    How You Can Help 

      If you would like to help at home you can do many things, such as composting your own food (see compost page), you can also watch your servings so you eat only what you need. We greatly appreciate your willing to help. This will help us with continuing our mission.