• Composting in the Community


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    What is Composting?

    Composting is fertilizer made out of food waste.      If everyone decided to compost, would deplete drastically. Compost is free and easy to make in your own home. 

    How to Compost

    First, you should choose a bin to put your leftover food in. This makes it easy to store and transport. Next, choose a location for your compost bin. Flies crowd around compost, so it's best outside. You should also know what you can and cannot compost.


     Can Compost: leaves, hay and straw, paper, cardboard, wood chips, eggshells, tea bags, sawdust, veggie peelings, fruit peelings, grass clippings, coffee grounds, fresh manure, green plant cuttings, annual weeds, and young hedge trimmings.

    Can't Compost:  juices, chips, cookies, yogurt, pizza, nuts, plastic, dairy, meat, ceramics, pet waste, goldfish, lollipops, Nutella, wrappers,