• Curriculum and Resources Grade K-5            

    Game Plan /Jeff Kriske and Randy Delelles
    Game Plan is the core curriculum for grades K-5.  It follows an organized, sequencial, develpmentally appropriate approach to instruction. Each grade level has a page on my web site so the specifics of what the children are learning can be viewed. Other resources are incorporated as well as ideas and activites gleaned from attending workshops and classes throughout the year. 
    Concepts including: rhythm, melody, harmony, form and timbre
    Experience including:  movement, speaking, singing, listening, playing and  notation
    Stages of learning including: imitation,exloration, improvisation and visualization
    States of teaching: Introducing, reinforcing and assessing.  
    Other resources used include:
    Music for Children Orff Schulwerk (primary and upper elementary)
    Flying Around Davic Gadsby and Beatric Harrop
    Music Through Children's Literature Theme and Variations Donna B. Levene
    D.R.U.M. Jim Solomon
    Hand Drum on the Move Chris Judah-Lauder
    It's Elemental Books 1 and 2 Dupont and Hiller
    Make a Joyful Sound Dupont and Hiller
    Homespun Folk Songs of Rural America Shirley W. McRae
    The Rhythm of the Seasons and Holidays Jane Lamb