• Every student can be successful. Some people just need a little more time, another approach, or some extra help.  Too often students give up in math because it’s difficult.  Sports make you sweat and sometimes make you sore as you use new muscles, but we don’t give up.  Why is mental effort any different?  The reality is that when we challenge ourselves, we grow:  we learn perseverance and improve our thinking and study skills.  If there is no challenge, there is no growth.  If you have a setback, regroup and try again.  Analyze what went wrong, learn from the loss and try harder next time.  

    Expect the challenge to come.  Understanding takes work, but it will come in time.

    Take responsibility for your learning.  You’re the only one who can make you succeed.

    Listen and take notes in class.  Ask questions and write down the examples.   

    Review your notes and do the assignments, even if you’re not totally comfortable yet.

    Abandon negative messages.  Give yourself positive messages and make them come true.

    If you’re lost, don’t wait.  Come right in and get help before you get far behind.

    Give yourself permission to succeed! 

    No matter what career field you choose, from doctor to car mechanic to full-time parent, you will benefit from the ability to think things through, use procedures, and solve problems.  Those are the skills that you will learn in a challenging math course like this.  Together we can succeed and even have fun as we explore the material.  This is a worthwhile process, and you will be better from the experience.