"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose." ~Dr. Seuss

    What to Focus on in High School

    • Make it your goal during high school to earn A's & B's. Keep track of your core unweighted GPA.
    • Be involved in a club or sport. Volunteer in the community.
    • Participate in community service and look for opportunities to develop your leadership skills.
    • These are the things you will write about for college applications and scholarships.

    What is a Core GPA?

    In-state universities look at your core unweighted GPA. Grades in core classes only are used in this GPA calculation- electives are not included. This GPA is calculated differently than what appears on your transcript. Click here to download an excel document you can use to calculate your core GPA.

    Preparing in your Junior Year:

    • Explore career options by shadowing, interviewing family and friends and doing internet research.
    • Start researching scholarships and applying.
    • Attend college visits offered at Higley HS.
    • Go visit college campuses or take a Virtual Tour on the university's website.
    • Take your ACT or SAT.

    Timeline for your Senior Year:

    • Apply for colleges starting in August, make note of deadlines such as early action/early decision.
    • Use the Cost Calculator on your university's website to get an idea of tuition, housing and other costs.
    • Research and apply for scholarships.
    • Apply for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
    • Report acceptance letters and scholarships to the College and Career Center!  

    If you are interested in applying to several schools at once, consider using the CommonApp

    ASU, University of Arizona and NAU all accept CommonApp. 


    Initial transcripts, showing core coursework/grades completed during the first six semesters of high school and listing courses in progress during senior year, are self-reported in the fall of senior year to any colleges to which you are applying. You can view your grades on StudentVue "Course History" or request your transcript by going to Parchment.  The official final transcript is requested near the end of senior year, and only for the university you are going to attend. Official transcripts must be requested through Parchment.  Unofficial transcript requests are free. You can order up to 3 official transcripts for free during your entire high school career. After the third official transcript, a small fee will apply.

    Questions about Deferment?

    If you are planning on taking a gap year, please check with your institution about how this process works. Generally, you are encouraged to go through the application process as if you were planning on attending in the Fall. Then take the necessary steps to file for deferment.  

    Here is some information specific for ASU in order to file for deferment.