• Williams Field is proud to offer dual enrollment courses to help expose our students to higher level learning.  Williams Field is currently partnered with Chandler-Gilbert Community College as well as Scottsdale Community College to offer 43 unique dual enrollment courses. We encourage our students and families to explore the options that we offer here as there are many advantages to dual enrollment. Students can earn college credit with a grade of a "C" or higher, the credits are transferable to many institutions both in and out of state, and it prepares our students for college-level work while still enjoying the benefits of high school.  

    When is the deadline for registration?

    Registration for the fall semester and yearlong courses is open now and closes on September 18, 2022. The deadline for spring semester registration is February 12, 2023.  These are hard deadlines, and no students will be admitted to the courses through their respective colleges after these dates.  Students cannot retroactively add classes so please plan accordingly!  The registration departments get very busy the closer it gets to the registration deadline and we encourage you to complete the process early.

    What dual enrollment courses WFHS offer?  

    Through our partnership with Chandler-Gilbert and Scottdale, we offer a variety of courses taught by our highly skilled staff.  Please see each individual link below to explore what we have to offer and help determine if your student is in an eligible course.  The course name and course instructor must match what is on your students' WFHS schedule. 

    Williams Field High School Chandler-Gilbert Course List 

    Williams Field High School Scottsdale Course List   

    How do I register?

    To register for dual enrollment courses, you will need to visit the appropriate website for each college and follow the listed directions.  Please make note that if you have courses at both colleges that you would like to register for, you must go to each individual website to register.  

    Chandler-Gilbert Registration Page 

    Scottsdale Registration Page 

    How much is the course tuition? When is tuition due? 

    Tuition at each school is $85 per credit hour and a $15 registration fee for each semester.  Tuition assistance is available and the application is due by August 31st!  Tuition is due at the time of registration, however, if you register for a spring course during the fall semester, you will not be charged until the course begins.  

    Helpful Links:  

     I need direct support because my student is stuck.  What can I do?

    For all Chandler-Gilbert questions or concerns, Jasmine Mercado is our on-campus liaison.  She is at Williams Field every Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday from 7:00 am – 3:00 pm.  Please reach out to her with specific questions or to make an appointment to help you through the process. Students are also welcome to meet with her to troubleshoot small issues on a drop in basis.

    Williams Field will also be hosting two Dual Enrollment Support Days: August 17th and September 7th. On these dates we will have multiple advisors from Chandler-Gilbert on campus.  Students must sign up for a 20-minute advising appointment by August 12th and all appointments are on a first come first serve basis. Students must be prepared on the day of their appointment with their MEID’s, accurate passwords, and specific questions or concerns.  Sign up sheets can be found outside Ms. Koke’s office.

    For any questions regarding Williams Field High School Dual Enrollment, please contact:  

    Please make sure to reach out with any questions, concerns, or clarification so your student can experience the benefits of dual enrollment and we can support you throughout this process.     

    What is Dual Enrollment? 

    Dual Enrollment is an opportunity for eligible high school students to earn lower-division college credit during their regular high school classes. The credits students earn through dual enrollment are treated the same as regular college credits, i.e., they can be transferred to other Maricopa Community Colleges, Arizona’s state universities, and even some out-of-state colleges. Students will be establishing a college academic record and will be required to report such enrollment to future colleges or universities.   
    Higley Unified School District partners with Chandler-Gilbert Community College as well as Scottsdale Community College to offer Dual Enrollment credits for academic and occupational classes.  

    What to expect from Dual Enrollment 

    Dual Enrollment courses are held on high school campuses and are taught by high school instructors who have met community college hiring qualifications.  Through Dual Enrollment we strive to ease the transition from high school to college and to increase the number of college-bound high school students in our community. 
    Dual enrollment students receive a grade and credit for work completed throughout the year. These credits usually transfer to your college of choice as direct course equivalents. Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Scottsdale Community College and the Maricopa County Community Colleges District have agreements with the three Arizona state universities, as well as many out-of-state colleges, to accept dual enrollment class credit. Students should confirm credit transfer policies with the college/university of their choice for the most up-to-date information.