• What is HMH and How Do I Access It?

    HMH (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) refers to the 6th grade curriculum and textbook. Rather than make students lug a textbook back and forth to school each day, students can access the entire textbook and a variety of other helpful resources 100% online. This means that students will require internet access at home this year; otherwise, students will need to arrange a way to complete online assignments (going to the library before and after school, utilizing the public library, arranging to come into my room during lunch or before/after school, etc.).

    How to access HMH online:

    1. Go to the HUSD homepage (husd.org)

    2. Scroll down to the blue tabs on the right side of the page and click ELA Curriculum 6-12.

    3. If at home, the student will need to sign in using the same username and password he or she uses to access the school computers.

    4. Once logged in, students will have full access to HMH online.

    Students can access their e-book and a variety of other resources using the carousel in the top right-hand side of the HMH homepage. Students can search for stories, annotate the text, and answer questions all from within their e-books. Students may be required to access this if they are absent or to participate in a flipped classroom model (where students read texts at home and come to school prepared to talk about the text and to do activities with it).

    Assignments can be found on the HMH homepage towards the middle-bottom of the page under the blue "Assignments" section. Directions will be included with assignments, and students will have a generous window of time in which to complete them. PLEASE NOTE: In order to submit assignments to me for grading, students must return to the HMH homepage after completing the assignment and click the green "COMPLETE" button. This button will not be activated until students have started the assignment, and the assignment WILL NOT be submitted for a grade until students have clicked COMPLETE.